Sugarland Concert!

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Happy Thursday all!
I have been dying to tell you all about the Sugarland concert and wanted to give it a proper re-cap because it was just so awesome.
Let's start with having to pick up the tickets at will call, my husband's best friend, Joey, got us the tickets for the four of us, so me, Sean, Joey and his wife, Nicole. We got the tickets at will call and it happened so fast that Nicole looked at the tickets and said standing room only. I thought that meant in the back of the ampitheatre but the employees of the Santa Barbara bowl where the concert said it was the front section, closest to the stage! Guess who let out a little bit of a shriek of excitement?!

So we got to the concert a bit late in the middle of Lauren Alaina performing, she is super cute by the way.

We missed the opening act, Canaan Smith, has anyone heard of him by the way?
So Lauren Alaina ends and we try to wait as patiently as we coud while the stage is set for Sugarland, their curtain comes down and then after a little bit, I peek to the side of the curtain and there she was, ready to come on stage!

Before I continue, I must mention how cute Jennifer Nettles was in her concert outfit, she was definitely print mixing, a white and black striped blouse with a printed denim look, she rocked it!

They played one of my favorite song, Stuck Like Glue early in the beginning of their concert. They handed out a guitar to a member of the audience, they selected a 10 year old to come up and help keep the beat to one of their songs. 
Jennifer brought out both of her contestants from her show, Duets, it was awesome to see her perform with them and now I have to watch the show after seeing her perform with both of them. She brought both J  Rome and John Glosson.
Did anyone watch the show last week? The second episode comes on tonight.
A local radio station held a contest and the prize with to sing one of Sugarland's songs on stage and it was such a sweet performance by a 12 year old.
During the encore, the guitarist from the band the Eurythmics came out an Jennifer sang the song, Here Comes the Rain Again.
You know that song!

All in all, it was a great concert! Oh, I forgot to mention they took fan's request either with postcard with the name of the song written on them, which the band collected onstage or they asked for songs via Twitter. Sugarland puts on a great concert, they are very energetic and after seeing them in concert you can see where the quirky, fun energy in her songs comes from, definitely Jennifer. 
Here are a few photos of the evening!

Hat Attack Giveaway

Ladies, friends and followers!
 I apologize for the recent surge in fashion posts but I am on a roll and not stopping anytime soon, I hope you don't mind :-)
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Bachelorette Tuesday #3

Hope everyone had a nice and safe Memorial Day and enjoyed their three day weekend. Weekend re-cap coming up especially of the Sugarland concert which in one word was awesome. More on that later, it is bachelorette time!

Again, I want to start with a few fashions of hers that my closet.
From the episode tonight, that lovely striped white and green top named Aceline by Joie, only for a relatively cheap $208. Emily was wearing this top during the group date and how cute was she in those blue shorts and this striped top. Thank you again Possessionista for your marvelous detective work.
Oh, and I want that red statement ring she wore with this outfit.
*Update: the red ring is by Towne and Reese for $40

I also want that grey striped sweater she wore on her date with Arie to Dollywood, now to find out where I can purchase it.

Additionally, I saw this Town and Reese ring in tonight's episode, in the previews for next week's episode and then her official photo at the Bachelorette and it is only $30!

Does anyone want that white and pink top she wore in last week's episode because I do? You can find it here by Solow for $79.

Now for the episode recap and Emily's perfectly pearl white teeth.
I like Chris but I don't think they are the best match. And climbing for your dinner, I love ABC for their dates that you know match real life experience, hanging on the side of the building is equal to will my partner hang out to me during difficult parts of life. Yup totally makes sense.
Oh and my reaction is the same to Emily's about Chris's age, wow 25 really?
Another similarity Luke Bryan is one of my favorite country singers too and I loved that songs he played in the episode, love it! Plus I am still on my country music high from the Sugarland concert on Sunday. I am dying to tell you all about it by the way. Did I already mention that?
The first kiss of the season goes to Chris, although I do think it was really sweet he was respectful enough to ask if he could kiss her.

Clearly, this season is a lot more different than any of the previous Bachelor or Bachelorettes because of Emily's daughter so having her friends grill the men well in advance to help weed out those who might not quite be ready to be an instant dad.
Oh and Doug if you were really into Emily, you shouldn't be nervous about being interviewed by her friends unless you have something to hide.
I love Emily's friend sitting on Sean while he was doing push-ups and clearly he was a winner among her friends.
Her conversation with Sean makes me like him even more for her, I hope he continues to stick around and yes she gave him the rose!
Tony didn't even try to protest her asking him to leave, so maybe he wasn't fully committed as well. Oh well, Tony I had high hopes for you because you are a dad already.

The second one on one date, I think the quote of the night goes to Kalon asking Arie can you drive a stick shift? No Kalon he can't even as a race car driver, he has to drive an automatic.
I don't have a lot to say about this second solo date except it was cool that Dolly Parton was one, I am just not feeling the spark between the two honestly.

The cocktail hour.
 Kalon you are so gone after that comment of please let me finish! And yet she is continuing to keep you on, why?
I guess I was mistaken in my comment that maybe Travis would be gone because the egg got smashed but looks like he will be sticking around minus the egg named Shelley.
Alessandro, I think you need to watch yourself in last night's episode and rethink what you said about compromise and honor and why you were dismissed.
Sean you are so at the top of my list for many many reasons... don't need to explain anymore.
So the count for this week 3 guys gone in one episode, Stevie you are cute but...

Hanging out with Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland)

Back story on relationship with country music for you this Friday. 
In high school, I disliked country music with everything fiber of my being (yes I recognize that is pretty strong). We lived in Tokyo and I would listen to the military radio station and on Tuesday or Wednesday nights they would play country music and I would turn off my radio so fast when it came on. Fast forward to college, I was a convert to country music. It was what every girl was listening to. My first concert ever! was Rascal Flatts. 
Now this weekend I will be hanging out with Sugarland (ok actually I will be seeing them in concert).
I have loved Sugarland since I first starting listening to them. I have their CDs, yes their actual full CD not just a song or two I bought in iTunes.
So that is part of my weekends plans hanging out (ok seeing them in concert) with Sugarland along with Canaan Smith and Lauren Alaina on Sunday in Santa Barbara
How cute is she?
jennifer nettles

My all-time favorite song of Sugarland's, Stuck Like Glue.
Other weekend plans, something about a California beerfest at the Madonna Inn in lovely San Luis Obispo. 
Cheers to a wonderful weekend, hope all of you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. 

Dressed to the Max(i)

Another summer staple of mine is maxi dresses. I have noticed looking into my closet that I have always bought printed maxi dress, I don't have a single solid colored maxi dress that I own. Should I change that?
If I had to own just ONE solid-colored maxi dress in my closet, what color should I pick? Answer the comment section.
I love a good maxi dress for a few reasons:
1.It is lightweight
2.perfect for the summer heat. can wear it as a bathing suit cover-up
4. it is easy going and I don't have to add much else to my outfit

Here are some maxi dresses and outfits I hope to be styling this summer.

Source: via Leah on Pinterest

Here is a collection of the maxi dresses I own.
maxi dress

So maxi dresses and yesterday's post of shorts are my summer staples.

Summer Shorts Shenanigans

It is finally becoming shorts whether in CA and by shorts weather for me I need it to be in the 80s. No 70ish temps give me hot hot. Obviously that means shedding of layers and clothing and I have deemed my summer outfit attire to be primarily fun, cute blouses with shorts. Yes shorts, a few years ago you couldn't have caught me in anything but jeans during the summer, yes I know jeans. But I was scared to death of showing off my legs in shorts. Now I have fully embraced them and I feel a lot more cooler in the summer.
I found some summer outfits I hope to be sporting this summer, if I am cool enough to sport them.

Any and all of these

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Love the simplicity of the outfit

FYI on this outfit, you have to wear a cami under the green blouse it is really sheer,
I know because I own it.
Can you tell I love blouses with shorts, definitely my summer staples!

Bachelorette Tuesday #2

Ok two things learned from the multiple of Bachelorette re-caps, first that Arie has a past and it is so much reading all the re-caps, it is like gossiping with all my friends across the country when I wish that we were actually all together in one living room watching the episode together. I love Sean but he is all-male and doesn't understand this phenomenon of our love for the Bachelorette. A girl needs her gossip and girl time at times!

Before I go into the episode re-cap, I want to share from fashions on the lovely miss Emily that I am swooning over. Thanks to the hard work of Possessionista if anyone has an extra $90 laying around and they would like to send me a gift, please buy this cute little number for me. Thanks!
Found here

I am not a fan of the romper per say but how cute is this romper that Emily wore when she was on the show Live with Kelly. Maybe you don't think this outfit counts because she didn't wear it in last night's episode. But we are discussing all things Emily here.
 How cute is it, found at Urban Outfitters for $69 and I love how Emily paired it with a blazer.

Also did anyone see those glittery pumps on her feet? Ah-mazing for only $89 at Macys along with that one-sleeve red lace dress. 
Love them!

Ok let's talk about the episode.
First, the intro to Charlotte, I am pretty excited about this because Sean and I will be in Charlotte next month, maybe I will see her? Here's hoping!!
First date was with Ryan, I think it was a good choice. He is a hottie, man those cheekbones too, haha.
I think it was sweet she made cookies with Ryan and she didn't mess around with those questions at dinner. 
How awkward must have that been to be slow dancing while half of Charlotte is standing there looking at you and taking photos or video-taping? 
On to the group date, how cute was Tony speaking like Kermit the Frog? Also, I want to know does Kalon do Botox because I would bet you money he does? Sorry he is just so annoying to me, his lips hardly move when he talks and he is too preppy.

Was that conversation between Jef and Emily not one of the most awkward, I felt like Emily was schooling a little boy on the basics of showing you are interested in another human being.

On to the last solo date with Joe, the Greenbrier was absolutely gorgeous. I loved that dress she wore at the beginning of the date. I think it was a good choice to send Joe home, it seemed forced between them. However, he could have been a bit more gracious on his exit.

The rose ceremony now. Why did she keep Kalon and the mushroom farmer, the one with both of his ears pierced. I would have kept Aaron and Kyle and told Kalon and mushroom farmer to take a hike but maybe next week we will find out what she has with both of them that she kept them around.
Ok that's a wrap, now you all share with me your re-cap or thoughts on last night's episode or Emily's fashions!

Half Marathon Recap

Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? What did you all do? 
Yesterday was the half marathon and oh yah a wedding in the afternoon, how's that for a Sunday.
My running partner, Sarah, and I trained for about 8 weeks although we began running together at the beginning of the year. It has been great to have a running partner, to have someone for that accountability and on those mornings when you would prefer to sleep in a bit longer, you can't because your running partner is counting on you to run!

Oh I have to mention when we went to the expo to pick up our race packets, they have a bunch of business booths there and there was a booth for a funeral home. Now let's play the game of one of these things is not like the other. A funeral home place at a running expo? It is real encouraging to start planning your funeral the day before you are planning on running a race, NOT!

We ran the Pasadena Marathon as it is known but there is also the half, a 10K, a 5K, a bike tour and a kid's run.
We actually saw a lot of cool places in Pasadena on our run, we ran by the Tournament of Roses house (you know the New Years Day rose parade), we ran up to the Rose Bowl, across the Colorado Street Bridge, down Colorado Street (if you know the song, Little Ol' Lady from Pasadena).

The race was good, it started at 6:30am, which meant an early wake-up call at 4:30am so there was enough time for some breakfast, drive over to the course and warm-up before the race began.
To date this is my second half marathon and as well as a full marathon before. 
Here are a few before photos of us!

Overall, the race was good, Sean was there to help pace us and I finished officially at 1:47:18, which meant an average of 8:11 pace, I placed 8th in my division and my friend Sarah 11th in our division. 
Can't wait for the next one!
Tune in tomorrow for another re-cap of the Bachelorette episode 2!
oh yah and I saw this decal on a window on a car we parked right next too prior to the race. I thought it was appropriate :-)

Oops Totally Missed It

I knew that I first started blogging in May of last year and I thought t was a bit later in May, turns out my blog turned 1 years old on May 17! How did I miss it!
I want to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been apart of my blogging experience for the past year. I never knew what ind of joy it would provide, what type of friendships I would find and how this blog could be the outlet for the creativity element I was missing in my life.
From blogger meet-ups to bachelorette gossiping and giveaway fun this blog has helped provide some fun and creativity that I needed in my life.

Running Motivation

The winner of the Sexy Modest Boutique was Shanna of Because Shanna Said So, congrats girl!
It is Friday, which means that I am t minus 2 days until my half marathon. All week long, I have been posting some running inspiration on my running partner's facebook wall. Why? To get us pumped, to get us excited and to acknowledge the work we have been putting into it thanks to my awesome husband who wrote up our training program!
I thought I would just share some of the inspiration I found via Pinterest.

I have talked a little bit about running and how I run at least 5 days a week, even when I was doing the training. I love running but I am not running 7 days a week type of I love running.
Yes I do get up every morning and run, at 6am sharp I am out the door for anywhere between a 4 to 7 mile run. So why do I run? I run because I started waking up earl with my dad senior year of high school to get some exercise. 
I run because it helps relieve the stress from my job and mainly I run because it is for me, it is my me time and I hate sacrificing it for anything. I run because I enjoy the stillness and quiet of the morning before the world gets up, before the hustle and bustle start and when it is the right time of the year, I run to watch the sun rise.
That is why I run.

Ok this is soo not totally running related but which pair of shoes do you think goes better with this dress?
I realized I needed to clarifysince both are wedges, so I go with the sandal wedge or closed toe wedge?