Love Story

Back in June 2008, I decided to check out a new church that had a young adults group that was for people specifically out of college. Not a lot of churches had such a group but once I heard, I knew I would make the commitment to go to make friends Being a bit shy, I prayed that God would have some people prior to the service ask me to sit with them. So I went that Tuesday and was standing outside the room where the service was held and was talking to this girl, Nicole, and at the end of the conversation, she asked me to sit with her and her friends, answered prayer! During the service, another guy named Sean joined the rest of the people I was sitting with After the service, we all hung around talking and then I departed to go home.

 The rest of the summer I continued to go to the Tuesday night service but I sat with different friends. In September, Sean and I saw each other in passing on a Sunday and I remembered there was a guy in the group named Sean but I didn't think that was him. I went home that day and Facebook-stalked him. Hey a girl has to do what a girl has to do. I found him pretty easily because he went to Azusa Pacific University too, where I graduated. Just in case, he was curious, I had a back story of a mutual friend I found him through, we did have several mutual friends on Facebook but the truth is I straight up did a name search for him.

We started chatting on Facebook and after several conversation, I asked him out for a cup of coffee. We met up at 7:30pm on a Wednesday and before I knew it, the employees were coming over to tell us the shop was closing, it was 10pm. Well the next night, I had another date planned and later come to find out Sean did as well. We met up for a movie two days after we met for coffee and continued to meet up after that! The thing I liked most about Sean was he didn't play games, he would ask me out and stick to the date. He wasn't flakey and he was consistent in hanging out and 10 months later, he proposed!
We got married on July 17, 2010!