Bachelorette Tuesday #3

Hope everyone had a nice and safe Memorial Day and enjoyed their three day weekend. Weekend re-cap coming up especially of the Sugarland concert which in one word was awesome. More on that later, it is bachelorette time!

Again, I want to start with a few fashions of hers that my closet.
From the episode tonight, that lovely striped white and green top named Aceline by Joie, only for a relatively cheap $208. Emily was wearing this top during the group date and how cute was she in those blue shorts and this striped top. Thank you again Possessionista for your marvelous detective work.
Oh, and I want that red statement ring she wore with this outfit.
*Update: the red ring is by Towne and Reese for $40

I also want that grey striped sweater she wore on her date with Arie to Dollywood, now to find out where I can purchase it.

Additionally, I saw this Town and Reese ring in tonight's episode, in the previews for next week's episode and then her official photo at the Bachelorette and it is only $30!

Does anyone want that white and pink top she wore in last week's episode because I do? You can find it here by Solow for $79.

Now for the episode recap and Emily's perfectly pearl white teeth.
I like Chris but I don't think they are the best match. And climbing for your dinner, I love ABC for their dates that you know match real life experience, hanging on the side of the building is equal to will my partner hang out to me during difficult parts of life. Yup totally makes sense.
Oh and my reaction is the same to Emily's about Chris's age, wow 25 really?
Another similarity Luke Bryan is one of my favorite country singers too and I loved that songs he played in the episode, love it! Plus I am still on my country music high from the Sugarland concert on Sunday. I am dying to tell you all about it by the way. Did I already mention that?
The first kiss of the season goes to Chris, although I do think it was really sweet he was respectful enough to ask if he could kiss her.

Clearly, this season is a lot more different than any of the previous Bachelor or Bachelorettes because of Emily's daughter so having her friends grill the men well in advance to help weed out those who might not quite be ready to be an instant dad.
Oh and Doug if you were really into Emily, you shouldn't be nervous about being interviewed by her friends unless you have something to hide.
I love Emily's friend sitting on Sean while he was doing push-ups and clearly he was a winner among her friends.
Her conversation with Sean makes me like him even more for her, I hope he continues to stick around and yes she gave him the rose!
Tony didn't even try to protest her asking him to leave, so maybe he wasn't fully committed as well. Oh well, Tony I had high hopes for you because you are a dad already.

The second one on one date, I think the quote of the night goes to Kalon asking Arie can you drive a stick shift? No Kalon he can't even as a race car driver, he has to drive an automatic.
I don't have a lot to say about this second solo date except it was cool that Dolly Parton was one, I am just not feeling the spark between the two honestly.

The cocktail hour.
 Kalon you are so gone after that comment of please let me finish! And yet she is continuing to keep you on, why?
I guess I was mistaken in my comment that maybe Travis would be gone because the egg got smashed but looks like he will be sticking around minus the egg named Shelley.
Alessandro, I think you need to watch yourself in last night's episode and rethink what you said about compromise and honor and why you were dismissed.
Sean you are so at the top of my list for many many reasons... don't need to explain anymore.
So the count for this week 3 guys gone in one episode, Stevie you are cute but...


Olga said...

I totally feel the same way about Doug, when I was watching it, I was like "why are you so nervous? got something to hide?" . I love that we're finally seeing more of Sean, he seems like a great guy. Tony looked like he knew he was leaving so I guess it's not that surprising that he didn't protest. I'm not a big fan of Chris either and Ryan oh gosh, don't get me started on him. I think Sean & Arie will be the last men standing!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Great re-cap! I love Emily's style, and love it that you show us where the pieces are from! I agree with Olga that I think Sean and Arie are going to make it to the final men standing. I actually thought she and Arie had a great connection. She even compared him to Ricki's father, which I thought was HUGE!! Also, after she sent Alessandro home, it was Arie that she let comfort her... hmmm I think she really likes him. :) I agree with you on Tony - he wasn't committed to being there anyways. And back to Alessandro - he keeps saying he's a gypsy and likes to be free, well then why would you go sign up to be on the Bachelorette if you have no intentions of settling down?! Oh Kalon and Ryan definitely need to go, but as always they have to keep some of those types around for drama. Thanks producers for that. You know she's not into those guys! especially after Kalon was being so rude to her. Oh, and yeah asking Arie if he can drive a stick? Gosh I can't stand even listening to Kalon speak. I'm so embarrassed that he's from Houston. I promise guys around her don't all act like that!!

Kelli Herrington said...

I just love Emily style but I also think she can throw on anything and still look good. Kalon worked my nerves like no other. There are a few that I think needs to be weeded out pretty fast but I do like Arie and think she does too. Love the review girl and have a great week darlin

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

I love all her outfits! I get so jealous of how amazing she looks in everything! :)

Leslie said...


This is a wonderful summary! There are several I think need to go . The "let me finish" comment took the cake. I would have not been so sweet with a reply.

Her clothes are gorgeous - and so is her home :)

Jill said...

I love those rings :) And I have to admit--I haven't been watching the bachelorette! eek!

Giovanna said...

Cute post! Loving that striped top! Now to find an affordable version!


Nicoleta_B said...

You have an amazing blog!!!

Would u like to follow each other on GCF and bloglovin?

Lots of love ♥

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

I like Chris a lot, and Sean and Arie. I'm done with Kalon and Alijandro. And I'm glad she kicked Alessandro to the curb after his comments. And then seeing the clip at the end of his conversation with her friends?!?! Weird! What's up with the previews of upcoming episodes where it sounds like Ryan is trying to get publicity or a platform to launch his career or something? Sometimes I like him and sometimes I don't.

RIP Shelley.


Cara said...

I'm having a tough time getting into this season, but I think that's just from too many back-to-back seasons. I was watching last night for a bit and Imust say I simply adored this striped top and blue short combo from last night! Thanks for tracking down some of her awesome wardrobe pieces!

Callie {YouDontEvenKnow} said...

I think Arie has her on a leash and she is hooked. But I read up on his sketchball past so hopefully she doesn't pick him.

Why was Kalon so shiny?

And why are so many of the guys beefcakes? Where's my skinny soccer player boys?

Allison said...

I love Sean! He seems so genuine. And I want Emily's entire wardrobe!

christina said...

Am I the only one who doesn't watch this finds!!!

p.s. My mimi is in her late 60's and this is her favorite show :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

My outfit post tomorrow your going to love because I thought of you. You have made me a crazy beast over this.

REBrown said...

I tried to watch it today but my DVR messed up - grrr!

Shannon said...

I really like Arie for her. He's so sweet and quiet, and seems to fit her personality well. Sean is super cute as well, and such a nice guy!

Oh, and I love Emily's rings and really LOVE the price points! I love her effortless style so much.

Ashley said...

I think I love the possessionista almost as much as I love Emily! Her tweets are HI-larious and her detective skills are amazing! I'm sooo contemplating that pink top!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

J'adore the stripes!

the lovebirds said...

I can't seem to dress myself in enough stripes these days! love that top! xo

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love How you are incorporating fashions into the recap! Awesome!

Lauren said...

Kalon is the WORST. He needs to go ASAP. Have you read any of the gossip mags/blogs. Reportedly she wants a "rich guy"...which is so awful and I hope is false. But what other qualities can he have but money?!

Amanda said...

Love that top and LOVE Possessionista. Great post. :)

Cami said...

How do you do it?! Figure out where to get the outfit from? So amazing :)
I don't understand why Kalon is still there?? Ugh. He makes me mad. My favorite is the older gentleman with the kid...I am forgetting his name right now...the one who talked back to Kalon 2 weeks ago!

dani said...

I love Arie! I thought they had great chemistry, and she really likes him, and he likes her and is ready to be a DAD!

I liked Chris, but I think she really only likes him for his looks.

Kalon is the worst, and Mr. Shelly freaks me out. She is only keeping Kalon because producers are telling her to.

Also, I don't think Alessandro understood what he was saying. I really do think it was a language barrier. And also that he is a total weirdo haha.

Also, how is it possible that a 26-year-old only hangs out with 40-year-old women? I don't buy it. I feel like ABC hired those ladies to pretend to be her friends haha.