Crowdsourced Cabernet, your chance to help make a great bottle of wine!

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Did you ever see that I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and an Italian lady are stomping grapes in a vat? Does it ever make you want to participate in the grape stomping process which leads to wine?

 Today's wine making process doesn't involve grape stomping anymore but it does involve you, yup you! Even if you don't live near a vineyard, have access to wine barrels or even grapes, Crowdsourced Cabernet is your chance to select choices that lead to a great bottle of cabernet. So what exactly is Crowdsourced Cabernet? Started in 2014, by Columbia Crest Vineyards, Crowdsourced Cabernet is the opportunity to help create a delicious bottle of wine to serve at your next dinner party or just enjoy a glass by yourself to unwind after a long day. 

Through a series of questions that you, your friends and many other wine drinkers or aficionados vote on how the grapes are tendered, irrigated and harvested. All voting choices are posted at CrowdsourcedCabernet.com.  Want help on how to make your choice? Columbia Crest provides cameras to view the grapes along with weather conditions and updates and seasonal data to help make informed decisions. An acre has been set aside for this fun, people-influenced project by Columbia Crest. This same acre currently growing the grapes for Crowdsourced Cabernet, earned the Columbia Crest 2005 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon the No. 1 Wine in the World from Wine Spectator magazine in 2009. 

Additionally, Crowdsourced Cabernet is seeking your vote on who their first Executive Crowdsourcing Officer will be, who will be the ambassador for this exciting new venture and work side by side with the head winemaker Juan Munoz-Oca to help create the vintage 2015. 

Do you love all things wine? Do you love to select what wine will accompany what foods for your friends? Do they secretly call you a sommelier? You could be the next Executive Crowdsourcing Officer, and provide an exciting behind the scenes insight into how the winemaking process really, Voting is currently going on now through Monday, August 24 at CrowdsourcedCabernet.com.

Want to learn more about Crowdsourced Cabernet, the questions presented to the community to help create a fantastic bottle of Cabernet or even enter yourself to be the next Executive Crowdsourcing Officer? Visit Columbia Crest Winery's Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/ColumbiaCrestWinery, their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/columbiacrestwinery or their Instagram https://instagram.com/columbiacrest/.
So go help make a bottle of cabernet and don't worry about staining your feet by stomping in the grapes afterwards! 


California sunshine

As a mom, you are always looking out for your baby's safety and protection and one of the most important thing is protection against the hot summer sun. Between swinging on the swings, sliding down the slide, being at the beach for a few hours or going to a water park, Caleb and I have definitely had our fair share of fun sun moments. 

Before we head out, I have been protecting his skin with Block Island Organic, a non-toxic skincare sun care product. Specifically, I received from Block Island, the Natural Mineral (zinc only) Sunscreen with SPF 30. 

This company specifically makes skincare products that free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes and artificial fragrances.  They also don't do animal testing and use vegan-based formulas. I liked their sunscreen as it wasn't as thick or goopy as other sunscreens. It has a pleasant smell and we certainly knew at the end of a few hours in the sun that Caleb was protected by the sun's harmful rays. 

Are you interested in this better for you and your baby sun care product? With the sale they currently have and using this code megh prior to check out until August 22, you have the opportunity to try Block Island Organic!


summer dessert and favorite memory

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Are you hungry already? Then read on!

Growing up, one of my favorite summer memories my family did was make chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. They were usually made to accompany a BBQ, which meant friends and neighbors coming over to our house, some burgers or hot dogs and a personal favorite, deviled eggs with Best Foods Mayo. The drink of choice is a nice glass of iced tea. Did you know that Lipton's have cold brew iced tea now? Just put the bag or two of tea into a glass of cold water, wait 5 minutes then done! You have yourself a glass of iced tea! Now back to ice cream, which was a summer time staple with the crunch of the cookie, the smoothness of the chocolate chips and the yummy vanilla ice cream running down your arm as you try and eat it faster than it melts. Yup, that is a summer memory and it reminded me so much of those fun summer days that I made one for myself the other day with Breyers All Natural Vanilla ice cream from Albertsons  or Safeway and some homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

If you ever come over to visit and stay until about 9pm, there will be a familiar sound of the opening of the freezer and my husband scooping himself a big bowl of ice cream. It is a pretty regular routine in the Henning household and on average you will find 2-3 different flavors of ice cream in our freezer although recently we have starting venturing into ice cream bars and during the Albertson's anniversary sale, this is a perfect excuse to try new ice cream treats when they are on sale.  

And because finding a cute baby in the ice cream aisle is just the sweetest thing ;-)

To me, there is nothing like a nice summer night, enjoying the cool of the evening with a bowl of ice cream or an ice cream bar. Whether sitting on a porch, on a swing, or just laying in the summer, ice cream and summer certainly go together and now is the perfect time to grab a gallon of classic vanilla or try something new like a Fruttare Mango bar at the Albertsons Anniversary Sale! You can stock up on your ice cream favorites now until August 11 when their anniversary sale closes.

What favorite memories do you have of summer and ice cream?



I mentioned recently Paperless Post here on the blog. Have you checked them out? Don't you think their e-vites are so cute? Do you know that Paperless Post also has actual paper posts in the form of notecards, announcements for births, save the dates, weddings, invitations for summer BBQs, birthday parties, baby showers, ALL which can be personalized

I got some notecards from them recently and if you noticed my recent obsession with macarons then it is no surprise as to what notecards I selected. The notecards came in cute packaging and these notecards are printed on quality paper, and I mean quality, thick, sturdy, easy to write on, quality!
Do you have an idea of a design for an invitation but don't quite see it on paper? Paperless Post awesome designers can work with you to make your invitations or notecards to match your personal style.

One feature that is so helpful too when ordering invitation is having your return address printed on the envelopes, which I requested on my notecards. It is one less thing to do before mailing out your postcards and it looks more fancy!

If you are looking for professional, polished and very tasteful notecards, invitations or announcements, Paperless Post is what I recommend.


Hydrate up this summer!

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Are you looking for ways to stay hydrated this summer? Coca-Cola and your local Safeway/Vons/Albertson's are here to help with your #SummerHydration. When you buy $10 in participating items (smartwater, vitaminwater, fruitwater, Gold Peak, Honest Tea, and POWERADE) July 1st through July 28th, you will get a $4 coupon at checkout for your next Safeway shopping trip.

Participating products include:

vitaminwater 20oz
vitaminwater 6 pack .5 liter
smartwater 700 mL
smartwater 6 pack .5 liter
Honest Tea 59oz
Gold Peak 64oz

What do you like to drink to stay hydrated this summer?


Summer Outdoor Celebration

Summertime is definitely not a time to stay indoors. You want to be outside, you want to enjoy the warm nights, watch the sunset go down and you want to spend time with friends and family. What are you celebrating this summer? A baby coming? What about an upcoming wedding? When you think of an outdoor party what do you envision? For inspiration I put together a garden party featuring cake, roses, grey, blue, polka dots. If I can't have a garden party, I could at least try and convince Sean to put together this little setup for our 5th wedding anniversary next month for just the two of us!

A key aspect of a great garden or outdoor party is having invitations. It is the invitations that set the theme, mood or color palette prior to attending the party. At Paperless Post, you can find unique invitations that can help tell your guests what to expect. Is it a bbq? It is a night garden party? The invitations are the sneak peek to the reason you have been planning that awesome summer party!


Fuel Your Car Engine with Love

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When you think summer you definitely think of a road trip or two, maybe a longer week away to a beach, to the lake, somewhere special with your family or friends! Where are you traveling this summer? Sean, Caleb and I have a few road trips coming and it is super important that we make sure we get there safely and our car is in good working order, because the last thing you want on a car trip is a call to the tow truck company to take your car to the nearest service station. Having your car frequently serviced for an oil change is super important. I got my car serviced the other day at Walmart with the Platinum Pennzoil package, providing the best clean and protection for my car's engine at a rollback price from $49.88 to $45.88. For less than $50 I can get the best and peace of mind knowing we can travel from point A, our home, to point B, whatever final destination we have in mind while at the same time knowing Pennzoil can help remove sludge left behind from previous car engine oils used. But if you don't need synthetic engine oil, Pennzoil and Walmart still has great options for your car. 

Maybe an oil change is just another errand for you to do but prefer without children, if you have them, because children in a waiting room at a car service place just don't mix. One reason I went get my car serviced with Pennzoil at Walmart was because I could get errands done at the same time. I picked up some Father's Day cards and shopped for a meal I am taking over to a friend who had a baby recently. Plus Caleb is now opening the refrigerator by himself all the time now so I picked up a refrigerator lock too. 

Being able to pick up groceries, diapers or even prescriptions at Walmart even if you need them all while getting your car's oil changed is such a time saver especially before you head out on a road trip. As I previously mentioned, what a kill joy it could be to be waiting on the side of the road for a tow truck to come get your car all because you didn't make it a priority to have your oil changed withe Pennzoil prior to heading out. So get your beach towels, sunscreen, road trip snacks and oil changed all at the same location. What could be more convenient than that!

One feature I really like while shopping is being given a handy  bar code that I could scan in at any price check center around Walmart to find out the status of my car and knowing that when it was done, my name would be called over the intercom. It felt like being on a game show with the announcer proclaiming "Megan, come on down, your car is now ready!!" Now with Pennzoil in my car's engine, we can take an extra road trip if we want because having Pennzoil will give our car an additional 550 miles between oil changes. Now if you had extra 550 miles between oil changes, where would you go on your next road trip?