Hope you had a great weekend! We had a hot and sticky one filled with a lot of family-ness and wouldn't you know it, another wedding. No. seriously another wedding, which would make that the 5th wedding we have been to since May 17. We aren't done yet with the weddings we still have left in 2014 either. 
Friday afternoon, Sean and I finally celebrated our anniversary on Friday afternoon and if you don't know how we celebrate, Sean plans the odd numbered years and I get the even so the pressure was on me. 
We started off at a local coffee shop and I told Sean to order the drink he did on our first date, an iced coffee and I got an iced tea. Earlier in the day I got a red velvet cupcake, which we served at our wedding and ate then. Last year, Sean wanted to take us horse back riding, which wasn't recommended while pregnant so we went horse back riding this year. 
We rode horses for an hour through the city of Norco, an hour of up and down, up and down in the saddle. I admit I had been wanting to ride horses for a while, and after Friday I think I am good with riding horses for a bit of time. Let's just say I enjoyed it but not as much as I thought I would. 

As I mentioned on Saturday we had another wedding to attend. Taco man and Costco sheet cake make a great wedding dinner to me!

Sunday was church, I love Sundays with our church family. 
Hope your Monday goes off without a hitch, and if you need to go ahead and get that second cup of coffee!


DIY linens

I saw these DIY linens the other today and haven't been able to get these beautiful prints out of my head. It has inspired me to want to buy all the material to make this DIY.

Anyone want to come over for a summer party just so I can host a party to display these linens?

Original post found on Elle Decor

If I was hosting a dinner party, I would make these the centerpieces.

Or these

I would serve cocktails like these:

What do you think? Wanna come over to my home for a summer party? 



I love these posts and don't do them enough so here is one for you today. 

I am currently:

Reading - Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God, I know I mentioned I was reading that in my last currently post but we are going through it during the summer session of my church's accountability and encouragement women group. Love the book oh my gosh, makes me feel like I have already any faith at all compared to the 5 women in the book. I need to pray more like these women did, memorize my Bible like these women did and care less about the things of this world and more about the things of God like these women did. 

Eating - summer fruits like it is going out of season which they eventually will be :-( Seriously like watermelon, I could eat the whole big thing in a day. I prefer white peaches and nectarines over the yellow ones, the yellow ones aren't as sweet. I love all the berries, all the time and cherries, why are they so expensive but oh so delicious!

Watching - junk TV shows as I call them, the Real Housewives of OC but not NY and NJ, Ladies of London (sad the season just ended), the Bachelorette (but I am glad next week is the last episode, I am over her season, Stop it!), and then yes I will be watching Bachelor in Paradise. 

Loving - my church family, seriously I have never felt so connected to a church, and felt immediately a part of the family. 

Wanting - a few dresses in my closet, these dresses in particular. 

current wants

Wishing - for a head coaching position for my husband. He is currently the assistant coach and has been wanting a head coaching position for a long time and the last few interviews he has had he has always ended up number 2. It is hard to accept at times but it means that God is protecting us from something when He says no.

Learning - a lot about prayer this week than ever before. I thought I was good at praying, I thought it was my strong point when it came to my relationship with God but I realized I barely knew anything about prayer and it has changed how I present my requests to God and making sure that my prayer is about Him and less about me.


what motherhood means to me

I decided to start a new series that I will do occasionally, not a weekly series, just a post here and there talking about what motherhood means for me right now, the good, the bad, the lot of it, basically things that I want to write down so I remember for later :-)

What motherhood means to me right now is:
  • My son is shrieking, not screaming but shrieking, a very high pitched shrieeek!
  • I have come to dread the questions from people, is he sleeping through the night? At this time I want to respond with do you sleep through the night? I know that is rude but no, no my son who is 5.5 months isn't sleeping through the night. Also when you ask if my son is sleeping through the night, please don't tell me at what young age your son or daughter was when they were sleeping through the night.
  • After the 4-month sleep regression/wonder leap, the changes I have noticed in my son is amazing especially how curious he is about his surroundings. He is putting everything, everything! in his mouth. He is watching what Sean and I do all the time and especially with a glass he wants to imitate us drinking from the glass (don't worry nothing is in the glass for him to actually drink).
  • We got the sweetest gift from Red Envelope, a personalized weekender bag. Red Envelope reached out and wanted to provide Caleb a gift, which I thought was so sweet. They were an excellent company to work with and their customer service was great, very prompt and if you are looking for some great personalized gifts check out Red Envelope. (I wasn't paid to provide a review, this is my honest option of a great company)

  • I love getting to be more interactive with my Caleb, taking him to the park, putting him on the swing, watching him sit up propped with the Bobby and reach for his toys.
  • Motherhood has turned me into such a sap. I was watching Ladies of London last night when Caprice got her son via surrogate and did the skin to skin after he was born and it got me all teary-eyed remembering back to when I did with Caleb right after he was born. The tears these days come a lot quicker nowadays, this from a former self-described stoic person.
  • I love the way his eyes light up when certain toys are placed in front of him, he definitely has his personal favorites that is for sure. 

 He loves this zebra

And Sophie and that plush lion too and of course the pacifier but he just plays with it
  • There are certainly hard moments being a mom too like trying to juggle all that I have to throughout the day. There is a constant feeling of being overwhelmed nags at me most of the day, but then Caleb gives me a huge smile and then I realize he is the most important part of my day. If he is happy, if he is fed, if he is sleeping enough, then that is enough for right now :-) It is hard to remind myself of that but he is my priority during the day, all that other stuff that needs to be done can wait.

That's all for now :-) 


another taco sauce recipe (oh and carne asada too!)

The Henning household eats a lot of Mexican food. Tacos, a dish we call burrito bowls (rice, chicken cooked in salsa, sour cream, other taco toppings), quesadillas, we dip tortilla chips in sour cream (ok that isn't Mexican) and then burritos. During the summer I love using my slow cooker, not heating up the kitchen while it is super hot outside, yes please! After a weekend away a simple Monday night dinner is the way to go for me too so this dish, slow cooker carne asada tacos or burritos was a win-win!So dust off that slow cooker or plug it into an outlet if it is sitting on your counter and in 3-4 hours on high or 6-8 hours on low heat, dinner will be served.

For this recipe you need 2 lbs flank steak or London Broil, thinly sliced, 1 cup salsa, 1 can (10oz.) Rotel, 1 teaspoon cumin, 1 teaspoon chili powder. 

For the chipotle aioli, you need 6 tablespoons mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons chipotle peppers in adobe sauce, 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro, 1 teaspoon minced garlic, 1/2 teaspoon cumin, 4 teaspoons fresh lime juice.

In the slow cooker, add the salsa, Rotel, cumin and chili powder and stir to completely combine all the ingredients. Add in the sliced steak then put the cover on the slow cooker. As I mentioned earlier, cook the steak on low for 6-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours. 

You can make the sauce right before you serve dinner or you can make it a few hours ahead.
In your food processor or chopper, add the mayonnaise, chopped chipotles, garlic, cilantro, cumin and lime juice. 

When the meat is cooked, serve them on corn or flour tortillas whatever is your preference with other taco toppings you like the best and be sure to top it all off with the chipotle aioli!

I think Sean didn't like dinner last night at all!

recipe found here


a wedding weekend

Thank you all for the anniversary wishes. We actually still have to celebrate our anniversary as Sean and I didn't get to spend the day together. He was heading back from the East Coast and how we celebrate anniversaries is odd-numbered years he plans how we celebrate and I plan the even years so this year is my year. 

One of the reasons we couldn't celebrate our anniversary this past weekend is because Sean was in a wedding up near Pismo Beach. What a gorgeous wedding it was too! If you have been counting this has been the 4th wedding we have had since May 17 and we still have three more to attend. Yes, 2014 is definitely the year of weddings for sure. I was in a wedding, then I coordinated a friend's wedding then we were just guests at a wedding. Sean was in the wedding over the weekend then we will be guests again then guests and lastly guests. At this point I will be judging the best wedding by whose cake I enjoyed the most. Yes, me and wedding cake are a thing :-)
But let's focus on what weddings are really about:

Wedding details:

Sean's attire - love the suspenders

Considering pink was one of the colors of the wedding I thought the sunset we had on Saturday was very appropriate.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and as I viewing on Instagram and Facebook it seemed, many wonderful weddings happened on Saturday :-) 


four years....

today marks four years since Sean and I said I do, that is 1461 (including one leap year day) days of living life together, going to bed and waking up next to each other, being each other's best friend, fighting at times along the way and then this last year deepening the love we have with having a son. 

four years ago we said yes to not knowing what would lie ahead of us, we said yes to being with each other for life and accepting the good and bad of each other. four years ago we said yes to being there for each other through the easy and hard times. all we know is we said yes. 

it is hard to believe it is four years already. it doesn't feel that long. this past year went by really fast and part of that was going through the process of being pregnant and then raising out now 5 1/2 month old. 

we now have four years of memories, four years of being husband and wife and four years of being each other's best friend.

Sean, there is no one I would rather have by my side and thankful that we continue to say yes to each other every.single.day. I love you.