bags, bags and more bags

This week is fashion week on my blog. Why? Because I am feeling inspired with some great pieces and accessories I have spied while online shopping so I want to share my finds with you all.
Today are bags! I always love a fun tote during the summer, just throw in some things and go!
What do you think of these bags?


mothers day...

Yesterday was my second Mothers Day. It the second time being showered with love and some presents all while it being like a regular day, babies still need to eat, their diaper changed, etc. Just a regular day except with presents and a few extra I appreciate yous. Sean, er I mean  Caleb made me the sweetest card and I do mean sweet!

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful mothers, who help make motherhood a bit easier with your encouragement, your support and your words of wisdom!
How was your Mothers Day? 


Great job, Mom!

Being a mom is hard but you are doing a great job, Mom. Between the mommy wars of breast is best or formula feeding, between the crib only or co-sleeping, between the how could you not vaccine your baby versus vaccines are from the devil, you are doing a great job. With the multiple times a night getting up to the everlasting change of diapers, you are doing a wonderful job. Mom you are doing a terrific job in the grocery store with your children as they are climbing out of the cart grabbing all sorts of snacks, usually unhealthy. You get looks or stares that say how can you not control your kids by strangers, keep moving forward Mom you are doing a fantastic job. 

Mom, people are pretty quick to give you their opinion of how you are parenting. Don't let those voices tell you any different, you are doing a great job. It seems the latest and greatest way to parent or how you shouldn't raise your children is being released that may cause you to question you as a mother. At the end of the day, are your children loved, have they been fed even if they wanted goldfish and cheese sticks all day? Then don't let those articles make you feel bad.

Don't feel bad, Mom, for wishing bedtime would come early tonight but as soon as it happens you miss them already. Don't feel bad, Mom, for saying you need to head to Target, to grab a latte, to take that shopping cart without a kid sitting facing you and hanging out by yourself for an hour or two. You have a hard job, Mom, and day after day of child wrangling, breaking up fights, pulling food out of hair and general exhaustion from the whining you need to take a break, a refresher. Take it and don't feel guilty. 

You don't have to be perfect, Mom, so stop trying to be. 
You are doing a great job, Mom just as you are,  keep it up!


What Mom Wants...Lowest Price Unlimited Plans

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #MobileMemories #CollectiveBias

Mother's Day is fast approaching! My second official Mothers Day is nearly here. I have another year full of memories with my special guy since my last Mothers Day. Memories are so important as a mom and you think of how our memories are created, a lot of them are captured on our phones!

Think what was the first device you used to take photos of those moments after your baby made you a mom, you probably pulled out your phone snapped some photos then shared them with your family and friends instantly. You didn't want to worry about how much data you have used, or how many minutes left you had in your plan during that time. Having the lowest unlimited plans with your phone would take that stress away. Think you were getting close to your limited data plan? Signing up for an unlimited talk text and data/Web would eliminate that fear of how much data have I used up. Then almost every moment after that you capture them on your phone because it is probably always close by you. You use your phone to take photos of their first official, not gassy smile, then them sitting up, crawling on their knees. While a phone is important, having great service especially Walmart Best Plans on the phone is equally is important. Without service, you can't share those invaluable precious moments! Walmart Family Mobile with its 4G LTE service is perfect for Mothers Day because you can make all the calls you want without worrying about using up your minutes. While the things babies need can quickly add up, you can rest easy that your cellphone plan will remain cheap because the Walmart Family Mobile service is $29.88/month(for the first line) Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 1G of 4G LTE data. Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to http://cbi.as/8e03 or your local Walmart for current pricing.

As I scrolled through my phone looking back at photos or videos of Caleb, I smile as I remember the little moments and how much I love being his mom. For Mothers Day, I like to be together as a family, making that number 1 priority that day. I want to be the two people I love most in this world, my husband and my son. I couldn't be a mom without my son but I couldn't be the mom I am without my husband. The same goes for a phone and service, they two go hand in hand, the phone is just a phone but what makes it a phone is the service.

 Currently, we don't have any solid Mothers Day plans except for spending time together. What are your recommendations of what to do on Mothers Day? How will you celebrate if you are a mother or how will you celebrate your own mother?


Peplum what?

Is peplum still on trend? I thought it was popular in 2013, not 2015. Peplum is one trend that I never tried honestly, just fabric at the waist to make what I think I have wide hips bring attention to that area, no thank you. So what do you think is peplum done or are these still cute enough to purchase in stores? Is peplum still cool enough to consider purchasing any of the following tops?
p.s. all of these are found at Gap


plant inspiration...

I need to bring green into my house. The best place for inspiration? Well, Pinterest of course!
Maybe this will be my weekend project!

Which is your personal plant style?


Moms are the best!

This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BestMomsDayEver #CollectiveBias

There is something about when you become a mom yourself that your relationship with your mom deepens at least it did for me. You understand her a lot more, you appreciate her A LOT more because you realize that everything you are doing or putting up with as a mom, your own mom did herself and still loved you through every poopy diaper, every tantrum, every wake up time at nap especially if it is multiple times at night. Moms definitely deserve celebrating every day but especially Mothers Day. 

One aspect of being a mom is busy, always busy and lets face it we don't have the time to browse around stores trying to find this or that when you have children in tow. That is why Americans Greetings One Stop Shop is perfect for a busy mom. You head straight to the American Greetings One-Stop Shop at your local Walmart Supercenter and everything you need is right there, cards, gift bags, tissue papers and gifts, lots of gift and because every mom deserves chocolate you can pick up a bag of quality chocolate right there too! 

I bought the cute Family frame at the One-Stop Shop and will be painting it. After slipping in a photo, I'll wrap up the frame in the pretty tissue paper and put in the cute gift bag, all purchased at the One-Stop Shop. How easy can that be? With all the time I saved by purchasing from the One-Stop Shop instead of perusing the entire store to find exactly what I need, I could say go home and take a bubble bath, have an extra glass of wine or eat some of the chocolate I bought for myself, ahem I mean my mom as part of her gift.

Why celebrate that special mom in your life? To show her how grateful you are for the love she gives you daily, for all the boo-boos she kissed after a fall, and to say thank you for how she would give you the last slice of pie even if she really wanted it for herself. Moms sacrifice a lot and this year I am making sure to let my mom know how much I love, care and appreciate all that she has done for me and my siblings. 
So how will you honor that special mom in your life and make her have the Best Mom's Day Ever?