I feel like I have to reintroduce myself to you my few, faithful followers. My name is Meg, short for Megan. I am a wife, a mom, a friend, a lover of a morning cup of coffee with a splash of creamer. I turned 31 last Saturday. What else do you want to know? Let's start there. Have a question you have been dying to know about me, comment below and I'll answer it!
Want to see photos of who is my world? Of course you do. 

These two people they make me love harder, care more deeply and protect what is most important in life. 
Ok have any questions, post them below! Happy Monday!



Today is a special day. Today is my mom and aunt's 60th birthday. Usually on special birthdays I come up with a list of the number they are turning of the things I love about them but 60 is quite a lot :-)
I can of course say plenty of nice things about my mom and my aunt, I mean it is my mom after all and because my aunt is my mom's twin we have been super close my life. 
Since becoming a mom myself, my relationship with my mom has grown and deepened even more. I appreciate her more and everything she did for us.
To honor her and my aunt on their 60th birthday, here are a few photos that I love of them.

Hope you have the greatest of birthday Mom and Aunt Sue! I love you. xoxo


i've been shopping!

Happy first post of 2015! Geesh 2015 already, can you believe it. That means this year I turn 31, my mom turns 60 and my grandma turns 90 years old, oh and you can't forget Caleb turns 1 next month. I am still in complete disbelief over that by the way. It is so NOT happening sooner than I would like it to. 
Well Christmas, New Years all the holidays are behind us and fresh starts are ahead of us. Fresh start of new resolution, a chance to not repeat mistakes made last year and the opportunity to take 2015 by storm! 
Ok so the title of this post, I have been shopping is not actually true but I have been Pinterest shopping. What do I mean by that? It means browsing Pinterest for outfit ideas and selecting outfits your style with items you already have in your closet! It can feel like a whole new wardrobe! Want to see what I have been Pinterest shopping for lately?

Aaannd anyone watching the new season of the Bachelor tonight??? Anyone? 


family time

Christmas time is for gathering together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, usually with your family members. Some have big families, others have small families. I am one of the smaller family category. This Christmas was extra special having getting to celebrate Caleb's first Christmas and he was definitely the best gift. My dad's side of the family, my uncle, aunt and three cousins visited us one day bringing more family around this Christmas season. It is wonderful seeing my family interact and play with Caleb. 
 How cute are my parents? They didn't intend to dress alike, it just happened. I guess almost 35 years of marriage is to blame for that.

 The Mouch family (Mouch is my maiden name)

Happy New Years Eve!! Here is to a great beginning of 2015!


scenes of Christmas

Christmas is over but fortunately the memories live on. The memories of Caleb's first Christmas will remain with me for awhile especially with the photos captured of my sweet, sweet boy. 
Enjoy scenes from Christmas 2014!


What would you do with an extra $100?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you suddenly have an extra $100? Like you were walking on the sidewalk and happened to look down and there was a hundred dollar bill just laying there? What would you spend it on? Would you save it for a rainy day or go out and spend it? Would you be practical or be outrageous with that extra money? Where might I spend my $100? On these pretties!

Clearly I have a Nordstrom love but then again who doesnt!
Do you want to know an easier way to have an extra $100 in your pocket because lets be realistic, what are the chances of finding an hundred dollar bill randomly on the sidewalk, like 0.00001%? By switching to the Dollar Shave Club to purchase your shavers/razors, you have an extra $100 in your pocket annually. I mean I clip and save every razor coupon I find in the Sunday paper because every little bit helps. So if buy purchasing my razors through Dollar Shave Club I don't have to spend my time searching for coupons and knowing I will have an extra $100 in my pocket then sign me up!
So how would you spend your extra $100?


the 2014 Christmas Card..

Hey all! Christmas is a week away, a week!! My son's first Christmas is happening soon and some ways I am looking forward to it and in some ways I want to put the brakes on life and say slow down. I don't have enough time to enjoy it all and soak in his precious first year. 

Our Christmas cards have arrived, were addressed and stamped but I did manage to take a few photos before they got mailed out. Courtesy of Cardstore (thank you again!), this is the Henning's Christmas card of 2014! Yup pumpkins in our Christmas card. It was the most recent family photo we seemed to have taken and we just didn't have time to go out and get professional photos done so iPhone photo from the pumpkin patch it had to be. 

One of the best features in my opinion that Cardstore offers when you are ordering your Christmas cards is having your return address printed on the envelopes for you. Yup, no having to rewrite your address over and over again or use up those labels. All I had to do when our cards arrived was stuff them in the envelope, address them to our friends and family, put a stamp on them and take them to the mailbox to be delivered promptly.

Have you gotten your Christmas cards out? Or are they still on your coffee table waiting to be addressed?