visions of apple desserts

Every fall I look forward to going apple picking and part of that excitement is due to wearing flannel, boots and looking all fallish in a cute outfit. However, most of the time we are burning up wearing shirt sleeves and maybe shorts. Last year, we went apple picking the picking season ended the day before we got there. We were super bummed. This year we had a third member of our family to introduce to apple picking although his excitement wasn't as noticeable and this year my mom was able to join us for this fun fall activity. Now who will help us eat all the apples? How many pies will I be making or how much applesauce will I consumer? Only time will tell...

So bring on the apples because after all an apple a day keeps the doctor away!


a three-tiered cake

So you know what I did Friday? I baked. I baked a whole heck of a lot. I baked 8 cakes in fact but only frosted 6. The first vanilla cake recipe I used did not turn out at all, so it was back to my mixing bowl, cake pans and ingredients to make another vanilla cake. Why did I bake so much? For a friend's daughter's 2nd birthday requiring a three-tiered cake. 

Have you ever made a three-tiered cake? Me neither until Friday. But I was asked to make this cake. 
 Yup this cake, in all its three-tiered, frosting curly Qs and sprinkles glory.
So I accepted the challenge and arming myself with how do I stabilize the cake? (answer: dowels), what cake flavors do you want? (answer: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) I set out to recreate that cake in all its glory and splendor.

And here it is...

 Wait for it... (you think I would reveal the final photo first?)


And I won't be making another cake for a long time... happy Monday friends!


currently loving

currently loving...

chairish board

I was recently asked by Chairish to create a board centered around an accent chair. When I think of an accent chair, I think bold and bright as is the pink color. Plus pink just makes you smile, you can't feel down when you see a bright pink chair. I selected the pineapple because it is a symbol of hospitality and I believe it is very important to be a hospitality to your family and friends. When they come to your home, they should feel invited, welcomed, and taken care of so that's why the pineapple. To continue highlighting the gold, I picked the chevron pillow and the striped pillow to complement the pink from the chair as well. The pendant lamp has unique lines and I like unique.
 I completed the room's look is the huge circular mirror. 


Breast Feeding Diaries

Today I am over at Julie's blog, The Girl In The Red Shoes, sharing about my breastfeeding journey thus far. If you are really interested or care to read about it, pop over there. Don't worry I didn't post a photo of myself getting pampered, my hair styled and make-up put on while I was feeding Caleb, ehm Gisele. C'mon motherhood isn't THAT glamorous. 


One Pot Pasta

These days for dinners I am all about fast, quick but healthy and easy to clean up which means the fewer the pots and pans the better. I am sure you have seen the One Pot Pasta pins all over Pinterest. One pot! Throw everything into one pot, then cook until pasta is done and serve. One pot! Easy to make and of course clean up because why one pot. So I was intrigued and decided to see how delicious a one pot pasta dish could actually be. With a little bit of heavy cream and parmesan and to balance that out a bit, I added mushrooms, peas and zucchini and actually it was quite tasty. The recipe made a ton of pasta and we definitely didn't finish it in one meal. I think there still might be some leftovers in the refrigerator a week later. Don't worry we will throw it out. One pot pasta a week later can not be tasty. Are you sick of me saying one pot pasta yet? Let's make the dish.

To make this meal, you need 1 pound of spaghetti, 1 pound cremini mushrooms, sliced, 2 zucchinis, sliced and quartered, 2/3 cup peas, 2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced, 2 sprig thyme (I added some dried thyme instead), 1/3 cup Parmesan cheese, 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream, 4 1/2 cup water.

In one large pot (trust me), add in the spaghetti, mushrooms, zucchinis, peas, garlic clove, thyme and water. 

Season everything with salt and pepper to taste. Bring all the ingredients together to a boil, reduce the heat until pasta is completely cooked. 

Remove the pot from the stove, add in the heavy cream and Parmesan cheese together and then quickly stir. This pasta is best served as soon as the cream and Parmesan cheese are added in!

Serve with a side of veggies, bread or whatever suits your fancy! Enjoy!

recipe found here

Happy 30th to my wonderful and awesome husband!! You are a terrific and loving dad, a hard work and great provider and an adoring and loyal husband who loves me very much!
Here's to the next 30 years alongside you, you and me babe ;-) 


So where have I been?

Life has gotten in the way of this blog to be honest. Life meaning small group last Tuesday night and we get home at 9pm then its putting Caleb to bed. Wednesday night it was date night, Blaze Pizza then Menchie's frozen yogurt (conclusion: Yogurtland is still the BEST frozen yogurt) then watching the movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Have you seen it? You should. If you have seen the Royal Tenebaums or Life Aquatic, you need to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. Then I just felt that I couldn't have a random Friday post. So yes... life. 

This week is gonna be a busy one. 
Sean's 30th birthday is tomorrow. That means a red velvet cake. Then Friday I am baking a birthday cake for a friend's daughter's 2nd birthday. A cake for 40 people and the cake is the ONLY food being served at the party. Yuuup. So there's that on top of being a mom, a wife and also I started at 5am, I call it my 5 at 5, 5 miles at 5am. For the two days that I accomplished this last week, they were two cup of coffee days. I foresee a lot of coffee in my future. 

Today I am linking up to Ember Grey's a Grateful Heart link up today. 

What am I most grateful for? Second chances and forgiveness.

Grateful Heart Monday w/ Ember Grey

Will I share my cake baking experiences this week? 
My blog wouldn't be my blog if there wasn't a sweet treat recipe at least once a week.

What are you grateful for today?


take care of momma...

Today's post is a call to take care of mothers. It is tough being a mother and I am just a mother of one. I can't imagine what it would be like to have 2 or 4 or maybe even 6 children hanging off of my legs asking me to feed them, bathe them or clean up their messes. 

Motherhood is a selfless "occupation." It requires constantly giving and constantly putting children before self but it is rewarding with their smiles, their sweet noises and I am looking forward to the affection back. 
But at times it is rough, it is tough and it is draining. People have said as long as the baby is healthy, which is very important, very important. But I think we need to start saying as long as baby AND mom are healthy. 
So this is my call to all of you to any of your mom friends, whether you are a mom yourself, a married gal without kids or a single girl, take time to take care of your mom friends. Buy her a pedicure. Take her out for a cup of coffee. Offer to watch her children for 30 minutes or more (!) so she can take a shower, or drink a pumpkin spice latte, or to even just sit for a few minutes on the couch and allow her thoughts to catch up with her. 

Not near any of your mom friends? Write her a letter or note of encouragement. Tell her she is doing a great job, tell her you are thinking about her and how much you love her. Let her know that she is still who she is before she became a mom. Tell her she is beautiful. 

This is my call while mom is taking care of the children to tell her her family and friends are taking care of her.

p.s. Have I told how much I love bath time with Caleb?