seven weddings

7 weddings, that is the number of weddings we have been to since mid-May but that is just the number of weddings we would actually attend. We had to turn down a few weddings because we already had a wedding to attend. So 7, 1 in May, 2 in June, 2 in July, 1 in September and then 1 on Sunday. Have I created a ranking system based on the weddings after attending so many? Yes indeed I have it and it centers around the most important part of the wedding, cake! Except the wedding we attended on Sunday couldn't compete in my very scientific ranking system because they had donuts at their wedding. Delicious pillows of fluffy, fried dough and because it is October they were pumpkin donuts. 

Now these donuts aren't just any donuts, they are Donut Man donuts, a college 4am food run staple. Google Donut Man strawberry donuts, they are legendary and was even featured on 
Food Network, l-e-g-e-n-d-a-r-y.

Oh and then this wedding might top ALL of the other weddings for the sole fact that they hired the In-n-Out truck to cater their wedding. Yup In-n-Out delicious cheeseburgers. 

Obviously I am so focused on the food that I haven't even told you who got married, it was my friend Alice, who I have known since college and we were both political science nerds who got married David. 

Some other details of the wedding:

The toss bouquet

And with that we wrap up the 2014 wedding season for the Hennings at least. Please friends wait at least until 2016 to get married so I can recover from all the wedding fun-ness.
What is the most number of weddings you have attended in one year?



Do you ever look at photos and feel grateful for them? Usually it is because there is a story behind the reason why the photo you feel grateful for like maybe the people in the photo don't get together very often or there is a great memory behind that photo. I have a few photos to share today that I am grateful. Last week I was visiting my parents and my sister and her boyfriend happen to be in Tucson visiting his parents. As my sister and her boyfriend live in Washington, DC. I looked forward to seeing my sister and watching her interact with her nephew, Caleb. 
The rest of the week in Tucson was wonderful just hanging out with my parents. I might have slipped away for a mid-morning chai, ate more Asian foods than my whiteness would lead people to believe. Ok so I arrived on Monday afternoon, we had sushi for lunch, then Szechuan Chinese for dinner followed by dim sum for lunch the next day. 3 out of the first 4 meals were Asian, yes my family love Asian cuisine. Then I realized how much I dislike living far away from my parents but since it is a grateful heart Monday I will remember to be grateful that while it is only a 6 hour drive versus needing to get on a plane to visit them. That makes the distance seem less far then.
Here are some of the photos I am very grateful for today.

I'm linking up with Ember Grey's A Grateful Heart link-up today.
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Drinking: hot drinks finally, well at least only in the morning. The past couple of days it has been hot apple cider from when we bought it when we went apple picking and I need to start pouring hot water into my coffee mug then pouring it out only to pour my coffee into that mug. It keeps my coffee hotter for a lot longer. Don't believe me? Try it!

Loving: my women's bible study group, called Accountability and Encouragement. We all thought we were meeting today since we meet every other Friday but because there were 5 Friday's in October we were thrown off. But we all will still meet today at Sonic at 10am. Bring it on tater tots and milkshakes before noon.

Wondering: how the heck is my baby 8 months today, 8 months, goodness gracious!

Listening to: Leave the Lights On by Sam Hunt.

Eating: peanut M&Ms in the Halloween fun-sized bags. Grabbing a bag or two at a time help with portion control.

Thinking: today is Friday, what does Friday mean again, the beginning of a weekend? What is a weekend again? Ha!

Enjoying: The show Below Deck on Bravo. Have you watched it?

Going to: A Greek festival tomorrow with a friend and her son. Looking forward to stuffing my face with hummus, pita and baklava.

Starting: Membership classes at our church next weekend.

Wanting: cooler weather like now! The 100 degree heat predicted today is not appreciated.

Wishing: you all a wonderful weekend whatever fall activity or in my case summer activity is planned.


Ahh its finally October...

October, October, October, you are finally here! Time for all things fall - apples, pumpkins, Halloween costumes. Yes, this will be a great month! 
We have the apple picking crossed off this list. 

Next would be visiting a pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin or two to decorate with or carve a face! 

Crunching through the leaves would be an ideal fall activity but the leaves won't fall off the trees any time soon. We are anticipating 100 degree weather on Saturday and Sunday here in California. 

Then finding that perfect Halloween costume for Caleb this year for his first Halloween. 
Lastly, boots, boots, boots. Need I say more about this?
And that is my random post about fall, y'all :-) 


visions of apple desserts

Every fall I look forward to going apple picking and part of that excitement is due to wearing flannel, boots and looking all fallish in a cute outfit. However, most of the time we are burning up wearing shirt sleeves and maybe shorts. Last year, we went apple picking the picking season ended the day before we got there. We were super bummed. This year we had a third member of our family to introduce to apple picking although his excitement wasn't as noticeable and this year my mom was able to join us for this fun fall activity. Now who will help us eat all the apples? How many pies will I be making or how much applesauce will I consumer? Only time will tell...

So bring on the apples because after all an apple a day keeps the doctor away!


a three-tiered cake

So you know what I did Friday? I baked. I baked a whole heck of a lot. I baked 8 cakes in fact but only frosted 6. The first vanilla cake recipe I used did not turn out at all, so it was back to my mixing bowl, cake pans and ingredients to make another vanilla cake. Why did I bake so much? For a friend's daughter's 2nd birthday requiring a three-tiered cake. 

Have you ever made a three-tiered cake? Me neither until Friday. But I was asked to make this cake. 
 Yup this cake, in all its three-tiered, frosting curly Qs and sprinkles glory.
So I accepted the challenge and arming myself with how do I stabilize the cake? (answer: dowels), what cake flavors do you want? (answer: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) I set out to recreate that cake in all its glory and splendor.

And here it is...

 Wait for it... (you think I would reveal the final photo first?)


And I won't be making another cake for a long time... happy Monday friends!


currently loving

currently loving...

chairish board

I was recently asked by Chairish to create a board centered around an accent chair. When I think of an accent chair, I think bold and bright as is the pink color. Plus pink just makes you smile, you can't feel down when you see a bright pink chair. I selected the pineapple because it is a symbol of hospitality and I believe it is very important to be a hospitality to your family and friends. When they come to your home, they should feel invited, welcomed, and taken care of so that's why the pineapple. To continue highlighting the gold, I picked the chevron pillow and the striped pillow to complement the pink from the chair as well. The pendant lamp has unique lines and I like unique.
 I completed the room's look is the huge circular mirror.