big NEWS in our house

This week, we have officially started the journey of preschool for Caleb. What an exciting time for him and a bit of a break for mom! He marched into that classroom on yesterday morning like a champ, and woke up today asking when does he go back to school, so I would consider the first day of preschool a success! Here is to you, Caleb, that you would learn, grow and excel this next year! 

In honor of his first day of school, we implemented a tradition I had growing up, the first day of school every year, my mom would make us a cake. I got a delicious gluten-free recipe from my mom actually, added some whipped cream and decorated it simply with some strawberries. Nothing fancy but oh so yummy!
What traditions did you have in regards to school growing up?

Quick Snacking Treat!

From the beginning of the summer, my family has been focusing on their health a bit more. We have been doing regular chiropractor appointments. We are making sure we are taking our supplements, and two different professional opinions we sought have HIGHLY recommended taking omega-3s and Vitamin D-3. We are focusing on eating less gluten with the goal to be completely gluten free all together and also eating more whole foods versus the franken-type foods, factory made foods versus nature made foods. 
An easy way to get some omegas in our diet is chia seeds. From overnight oats that contain chias to these easy to make energy snacks with chia AND flax seeds, keep these snacks in the fridge for a quick sweet treat that will provide your body some good vitamins. I saw Emily make these on her blog and made another version recently (see recipe here) and had all the ingredients so I made her version! 

Just a few ingredients is all you need to put these quick snacking balls together.
1 cup dry oats, 1/4 cup flax seeds, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, 1/3 cup honey, 1/2 cup natural peanut butter, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon vanilla and I add about 1/2 cup of chocolate chips for a fun surprise!

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was a low-key weekend for us, to catch up on life being busy for the past two weeks. Major naps and catch up on sleep were needed for the kids especially for Caleb as he did his first vacation bible school (VBS) at our church last week, especially since our church did VBS in the evenings. We had some great eats on Saturday. If you are ever in the Fullerton area, check out Grits for delicious food and especially because you can never go wrong with being able to choose from ordering either breakfast or lunch any time of the day! 

Sean and I went out on a date that evening, very much needed for both of us! 
(VinoNostra for a great wine bar, again in the Fullerton area) 

 Sunday we praised Jesus first and ate some ice cream later. 
 What did you do this weekend? How are you spending the remaining summer months? 

Re-introduction :)

Just wanted to pop in real quick to say hi and do a quick introduction to newer friends and re-introduction to friends who are like gold to me!

I'm Meg, a 2 cup daily coffee drinker but only drink it in the morning. Most days you will find me running a few miles, usually 4-5, first thing in the morning. It is my stress reliever time but also my prayer time. I'm a mom of 2 young ones, wife of a cross country/track and field coach. I love putting together great outfits that look fab but didn't take a lot of effort to put together, classic pieces are key to me! The places I typically shop are Old Navy, J.Crew Factory and Madewell!

Baking, especially cookies, are my jam and they usually contain chocolate! I started this blog several years, when I needed a creative outlet. One thing I have come to realize is always thinking I am an introvert but after realizing the definition I am an extrovert. My energy comes from being with other people. By Monday morning, I am already trying plan what to do with friends that upcoming weekend!

Now your turn, introduce yourself to me and tell me a few interesting tidbits about yourself :)

FCA Total Athlete Camp

As a coaching family, we live for the summers and we do summers hard. From our beach vacation to last week when we were at UCLA while Sean was coaching/ministering to the high school cross country/track athletes and any future trips we have during the summer. Basically we love summer!  Do I have any UCLA graduate readers here? Will this post bring back memories for you? 

The ministry that put on the sports camp that Sean coached the cross country/track and field athletes was Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Have you ever heard of it? It is basically faith + sports = FCA, which is what they have on their website. So while Sean is coaching, the kids and I are meeting other coaching families and spending our days with them from the meals at the cafeteria to swimming in the pool in the afternoons. 

 The Bruin bear statue 

 Ice cream anyone? It was pretty much a daily staple. 

 Riding his bike inside Pauley Pavilion because why not?

What a sports camp without a huge inflatable sunglasses wearing duck!

If you have a high school athlete or have a high school athlete and want them to be connected to a group that is solid, will be leaders, and lead them towards Christ in their life, have them get connected to a FCA Huddle or have them attend the FCA sports camp at UCLA next year!