Hey momma, where is the room to breathe?

It happens at times. It happens when I least expect it and it is ugly. It is my reaction to when life hasn't given me sufficient times or opportunities to just breathe and think. Life is just go, go, go from when we all wake up to when everyone lays their head down on the pillow in the night. From feeding to changing, to making sure Caleb has his share item on certain preschool days to do we have enough toilet paper, oh we have one roll left, ok when will I have time to get to the store today? We don't have any corn husks as a makeshift toilet paper in the mean time. 

But what happens if there is no room as a mom to breathe? When is your time to sit and think and have all the thoughts throughout the day catch up to you? Do you even get a minute or maybe a few more to collect yourself? How do you keep going when your emotions are preventing you from? Your emotions want you to stop, just for a minute, just for a hot cup of coffee to sip, gather up all that is moving at a fast pace around you and just breathe. 

How do you respond when life is like this?

Also here is a pretty photo to help you if you are feeling the above, or need decorations ideas or need inspiration on all things fall decor!

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