Pumpkin Patch Fun

If you live down in southern California, I'm sure you have heard of Tanaka Farms. They are known for their strawberry fields and of course pumpkins. I have taken Caleb there before in March and we did u-pick vegetables. Given its popularity, we attempted to go on Saturday. However, we saw the line of cars waiting to get into the farm and I quickly did a Yelp search for pumpkin patches. My search led up to Manassero Farms, just a few miles away from Tanaka. It was practically perfect, as perfect as a farm/pumpkin patch could be. The best part? All pumpkins that day were 50% off. 

Literally, there was no one there at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon. There were games for the kids to play, a photo op set up, tire swings and we only had to pay for the pumpkins we wanted. This is where we are going every year to get pumpkins from now on!

So my recommendation is skip the long lines and crowds and head to Manassero Farms for an easier fallish experience in southern California. Maybe one of these years, we won't be wearing shorts!

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Jen said...

Such a cute place! I love fall activities!