Friday Five

Here is my favorite posts of the week, the Friday Five, the opportunity to share with you some of my favorite things of the week. 
The first thing is baby girl clothes, I get it now. I get when everyone was saying they are so cute, and why they are so cute because of the sweet girls who wear the clothes. Every outfit I put Kate in every day, my heart beats a little faster in love with her. So baby girl clothes, I get it now! Especially give me all the chambray items!

The second thing is I heard on the radio actually is we invest in what makes us feel good. That is one of the reason why we use the highest quality of essential oils is because they make us feel good, whether it is physically or emotionally too.  What do you invest in that makes you feel good?

Third, you can't walked by pumpkins especially at Trader Joe's and not take photos of them. I mean it is October after all. It is no secret that October is one of the favorite months of many people and it is in my book so definitely worth mentioning in the Friday Five. 

The fourth thing I want to mention is my Acts bible study. We are three weeks into the study and my heart, every time I study His Word, draws closer to Him, becomes more in awe of the wonderfulness He is, and thankfulness for the actions of Jesus. 

Lastly, lets sing the praises of being able to wear booties and field jackets even this early in the year! 
What are some of your fall favorite items to wear?

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