Essential Oils - Why You Should Care

If you follow me frequently on IG, you know that my family uses essential oils, and we have for almost 4 years. It was Thieves, our first bottle we bought that got us interested in learning more. Since then we have started taking Young Living's supplements, using their home cleaning products, their personal care products, the list goes on. You might be thinking, why, should I care about essential oils? 
  1. Because essential oils have been around longer than any current essential oil company. They were used in ancient times, they were used in Biblical times. People used what they have available to them to help with issues and what was available was plants. 
  2. You should care because they work. Do you think that if they didn't work, I would still be raving about them almost 4 years later and putting them on myself, my husband and my kids every day if they were a poor product. Would I be sharing about these great essential oils if the results didn't produce over and over and over again. Would I tell you about why you need to try essential oils if we haven't felt this healthy and stay out of the offices from professionals who deal with issues of the human body because we don't have a reason to go see them i.e feeling poorly. 
  3. The science behind essential oils are legitimate. They aren't some shame thing, they aren't trying to rip you off and make you believe that these products, they work because they are proven. 
Have some more questions about essential oils? I use only Young Living oils so I will only provide answers with those oils because I have seen results using this company as I can't attest to the results by other oils, I wouldn't want to mislead you. 

I'd love to teach you more. Show you how to use your oils properly and introduce you to a lifestyle that is oils and beyond! Yes, I am a distributor, yes I do essential oils as a business but I do it because I care, and because if these oils work for me and my family, they are bound to work for yours. So if a CEO gets paid to promote his product, I can get paid to product these essential oils because they are true and real and I am just being 100%  honest with you about it as 100% honest as Young Living is with their essential oils.

Ready to sign up and start using oils? Sign up here! Once you sign up, I'll contact you, send you a bunch of educational materials and make sure you use your oils! So whether you want to use essential oils to reach your 

or use them for a great day using the great day protocol. 
Essential oils really can change your life. Believe the hype or at least give in and start with just one bottle as my family did, you never know where that one bottle can lead.

Want some more pretty photo of essential oils and suggestions of what you should order? Take a look!
 This combo can help with issues that occur when trees start to blossom and then stuff flies in the air.

Tree oils are great for promoting calmness, supporting the ability to fall asleep and they just smell great diffused especially in the fall!

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