Friday Five

Every Friday I am aiming to share with you five things that I loved this week. It could range from a book I am wearing, something I heard, something I ate, an oil I feel more in love with, the list is a wide range but it is my effort to share more with you.

For this first Friday's Five, I want to mention something I heard on the radio about marriage that was very important. Say Sean doesn't support me in something that I wanted to do. If I then turn around and decide not to support him whether it is during the same time or later on in our marriage, that is a competition, not a marriage. You know who loves competition? Satan. He doesn't want marriages to succeed, plain and simple. He can use that competition to further divide. So don't compete, support.

The second thing is these shirts that I bought during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. They are soft and so comfortable to wear! Buy them in all 6 colors because they are worth it!

Want gorgeous views if you ever travel to Tucson? You must head up to Mt. Lemmon then, and actually it was my first time doing so even though my parents have lived there for over 12 years. Cooler mountain air that is better for your lungs and awesome views, what could be better!

The fourth thing I wanted to mention is gluten-free flour. It is a lifesaver. Instead of buying new fancy stuff especially processed stuff because I like and think homemade is best, I just replace flour with gluten-free flour in my usual recipes and we all eat happy!

Lastly, knowing that fall will be here soon has me returning to my beloved tree oils like pine, evergreen essence and Idaho balsam fir. They are amazing diffused to promote sleep and relaxation. I add a few drops to my Thieves cleaner to make my home smell like Pinesol but using 100% actual pine instead of a manufactured smell. I am hoping for a few rainy nights here soon because to me there is nothing better than falling asleep to the sound of falling rain with a foresty oil diffusing, such bliss!
So there you have it! The first post of this new Friday series!


Jen said...

Those shirts are super cute!!!

Hilary said...

Those shirts look super comfy! I also definitely needed to read that competition vs. support paragraph this morning!