Popcorn Snacking

I admit there isn't a bag of popcorn I pass that I can't seem to eat my weight's worth of those delicious popped kernels. Flavored, buttered or just plain, popcorn is a snack that I just love. It is easy to stand in the kitchen and eat several handfuls right in a row. One reason we love popcorn is that it is gluten-free and honestly that is one area where we seem to struggle the most with - finding great gluten free snacks. Plus with Caleb in preschool, snack is provided by the parents, so if one parent brought a gluten snack, I gave his teacher popcorn as a gluten-free snack for him. 
With fall on its way, and the weather somewhat cooling down, SkinnyPop is a fun snack that can be paired with great autumn-inspired drinks. Maybe trying these delicious combos will cause me to suggest a movie night to my husband, to eat popcorn and drink yummy drinks instead of just standing in the kitchen and pouring a bag of popcorn straight into my mouth!


Simply LKJ said...

I loved the summer pairings, but these look fantastic for fall.

Jen said...

Oh how I love popcorn!!!!