Another weekend trip

As I mentioned yesterday's post, we have been traveling a little bit in August. Another trip we took was up to Big Bear in the mountains in California. Cooler temperatures, cleaner air, and chilling in a sweet looking cabin, what a great weekend we had! Every year when my husband's athletes return before school starts, we head up to Big Bear with the team for a few days. 

Just a few photos to capture the beauty that is up there and more memories than photos this trip. 

One thing I love about visiting Big Bear is the cooler temperatures especially in the evenings. It makes summer not feel so summery and to be all around all the green whenever you can is key to surviving in this fast-paced world. So take a moment, a day or a week and get away to the mountains.

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Jen said...

Maybe one of these days I will make it up to Big Bear, it just seems incredible!