Keeping Your Chucks (newish) White

This post has been one of my most viewed and most pinned that I thought it was worth pulling out of the archives!

Last year I bought my first pair of Chucks. Ok I take that back last year I bought my first pair of Chucks as an adult. I had a pair when I was younger, like middle school younger and I bought the high top ones. Looking back what was I thinking. Looking back in general to my fashion choices when I was thinking. Anyways before I bought my Chucks, I researched how to keep them white. So I went shopping for: Mr. Clean's magic eraser and Zout, or whatever spray stain remover you prefer.

Every few weeks, well maybe more depending on how often I wear the Chucks and how dirty they get. In between deep cleanings of my Chucks, when the rubber on the sides of the shoes get dirty, you erase away the dirt! 
To deep clean your Chucks and get them to being as new to white as you can. 
First, pull the laces out of your shoes.

With the stain remover, spray the white of the shoe, completely soaking it. After the shoes are soaked with the stain removed, stick the laces inside the bottle of the stain remover leaving the ends of the out slightly. Shake the bottle a bit to get the laces soaked too.

After about 5 minutes or longer depending on how dirty your Chucks are, you will throw your shoes and laces in the washing machine. Use the coldest water available and if you have a whitening detergent even better, but any laundry soap you have works.

After your shoes have been washed, DO NOT dry your shoes. Drying your shoes will heat up the glue holding the canvas and rubber parts together and you don't want this to happen. I usually deep clean my Chucks on a super sunny, hotter day. I dry my shoes and laces in direct sunlight. If there is any yellowness in your Chucks before washing, the sunlight will help remove it. After your shoes are completely dry, lace your shoes back up and enjoy your whiter Chucks.

Hope this helps!


birdie to be said...

Great tips. Like I mentioned in your previous post... I am dying to get a pair of these. Loving the looks I've seen around lately!

brooke lyn said...

so happy for chucks season!!! these tips are the bomb and yes i just said the bomb

TheTinyHeart said...

Yay, you did the post! Thanks so much for the tips! I will be doing this when mine start to get dirty :)

The Tiny Heart

Lacey Steiger said...

I used to own chucks in almost every color... keeping this in mind when I start my collection back up (low tops this time around, though)!

Jillian Manesh said...

good as new! great tips! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

JumpingJE said...

You're a pro! Thanks for the tips! :)

Punctuation Mark said...

they look fantastic... i need to get mine cleaned ASAP! Cheers!

Jamie said...

They look great!

BLovedBoston said...

Brand spakin' new!!!

Christina Schergen said...


Faith said...

this completely makes me realize that I need chucks in my life!

his little lady said...

They look spanking new! :)
xo TJ