Working on my mom style

What is mom style? Mom style is how you dress post baby. It could be nursing friendly, if still nursing. It could be easy to run in to chase after your kid. It could be easy to wash off because goodness you know moms get dirty from their kids whether it be spit-up, throw up, dirt, food...

Why do you want a mom style? Because you are a mom and you need to put an outfit every day even if you are just leaving the house for groceries. Because you are a mom who deserves to look good every day. 

How do you find your mom style? First, find a pair of jeans that just fit awesome. I had a pair of Old Navy jeans with holes and rips, yes on purpose. I decided when I turned 32 a few weeks ago, it was time to retirement those jeans. I find my pair of jeans that fit awesome so I bought two pairs. Have a pair of black jeans too. Black will hide a lot of stains, dirt, grim, etc.
Buy a few different pairs of flats, a sturdy pair of shoes and for the summer sandals. 
Once your kid is old enough, purchase a small backpack. That will become their new diaper bag, keep only essentials in it. You get yourself a purse back. Buy it in a color that can be worn year-round like tan. Don't purchase in a winter-only color like sage, or oxblood. You are a mom year round, not just seasonally. 
For your top, layers are good. Layers mean that if the first layer gets really dirty or has puke on it, you can remove it and you will still look great. Invest in a couple of good looking sweater. See, I said sweaters there, not sweatshirts. Sweaters will make your outfit look more put together.
Finally, invest in some nice make-up. If I can't do a full face of make-up, I will at least apply some mascara, blush and lip balm tinted or not. 
This is how you create Mom style - the ability to look great while still being a mom. Check out my mom style posts every Monday :-) 
Here is my outfit from when we went to the zoo this past Saturday. 


Jen said...

I love this outfit, it's so fun and chic! You look great! :)

Tiara Wasner said...

looking great! Your mom style is on point!

Hilary said...

We just ordered two back packs! I'm excited to retire the diaper bag!

Foxy's Domestic Side said...

Perfect! Can't wait to start wearing my new Converse I got for Christmas, right now I can't wear them because of my ankle surgery, but hopefully soon!

Jillian Manesh said...

i love that bag! im really excited to get my purse back eventually :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams