How to Master Your Kitchen

I love simple evenings of having dinner with a friend and catching up. That was my evening last night and it was wonderful. Don't you just love great evenings like that? My friend, Jeanna, and I met in our first classes of our Masters program and took every single class of that program together. I feel very blessed and fortunate that even after graduation, our friendship has remained. I got to the restaurant a few minutes early and did some browsing at Old Navy. Have you been in there lately? I love a lot of their basic dresses in the stores right now.

Today for my kitchen series, I am talking about the rubber spatula, a classic kitchen item. 
If you need a refresher as to why I started this series, it is because I believe that having the right tools in the kitchen will help each of you be a better cook or maybe even want to cook a bit more frequently. You have certain tools at work that you have to make your job a bit easier and functional, I feel the same goes with kitchen tools. This was the inspiration for this series. The previous installments in this series are: whiskstand mixergarlic presstongscitrus juicersteamerzesterfood processorDutch oven, a box gratercutting board, a colander and a rolling pin.

A rubber spatula is a staple because it many different uses. You can mix batters with the spatula, you can flip pancakes, french toast or eggs or you can spread icing with this kitchen tool. You can scrape the sides of a bowl with this tool, when a recipe calls to fold in egg whites, reach for your rubber spatula. 
The spatula heads can be in different sizes, small ones to reach inside a jar to scrap up that last bit of peanut butter or a larger head to really fold in those egg whites. I own 4 spatulas, a small head and then 3 larger heads. The handles will be made of wood or metal. The metal handles are nice because they can be washed in the dish washer. 
rubber spatula

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Becky K said...

ok i definitely need to invest in a good silicone spatula. i was using a plastic one to brown bread crumbs the other day and i melted panko crumbs straight into the spatula. :P


awhite said...

I love a good relaxing catch-up dinner with friends. :)

I'm the spatula queen! I have so many, haha. But they come in handy, so I can justify having 28 of 'em laying around.


Sarah said...

Definitely agree with the spatula! I have them in all sizes and shapes.

the girl in the red shoes said...

I love this series! And I don't know what I'd do without all of my spatulas. I found one more use for them: they are great for keeping a baby entertained while you try to cook!

Alissa said...

I LOVE my rubber spatula. Do not go cheap I always tell people, I brought my cheap rubber spatula!

Life With Lauren said...

I need to get me some new ones!

Kate Sullivan Corpuz said...

I actually didn't have one until I got married & received it as part of a gift! I have no idea who I survived without it.

always, koru kate

Heather said...

This is definitely another great kitchen item! I need to pay Old Navy a visit, too. I love stocking up on new dresses for summer.

jackie jade said...

i need to get a few more sizes since i just have one right now. love this series since i am trying to cook more!
-- jackie @ jade and oak
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Sarah and Stewart said...

I LOVE the basic dresses at Old Navy, they're definitely a summer staple. And what do you know, I also have a rubber spatula and I even used it yesterday! :-)

Sarah @ Life As Always

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

We use our spatulas daily! Must haves.