June Sponsors

Happy Sunday all!
First, have you put in your entries for my Hat Attack giveaway going on through June 5? If not, get your entries in now, the winner gets to pick their favorite hate. Go here to enter!
A new month means a new batch of sponsors for you to meet. I have divided up the sponsorship posts into two so meet this first awesome group of lovely June sponsors of henning love.

First is Allie over at Table for More.
I am a SAHM to 3 little men under 3. My blog is centered around our family (shocker, right!!?). I love my boys, my sexy husband, reality tv, frappes, shopping, taking pictures, making tasty food, traveling, working out & eating paleo, crafting and life in general. Stop by and say HI to me and my men!! 
My favorite June activity is making homemade ice cream and watching my boys make a mess of themselves while eating it, with sprinkles of course!:) Sprinkles make everything better! 

Eryka of abcde
About Me: Im Eryka! I blog over at abcde. I am a pinterest a holic, type of girl who gets too attached to book//tv//movie characters. I love making new friends so feel free to stop on over my blog and say Hi! XO

What is you favorite June activity? Eating sno cones. Hands down! Mmm.

Meghan of More from Meg

Hi Blog Friends!
I'm a twenty-something newly married girl living in beautiful Indianapolis, IN. Home of Super Bowl 2012 - yay baby!! I went to college at the University of Indianapolis and graduated in 2007 with a major in Marketing. 
I've had a lot of blogging experience - not only do I read a lot of blogs, but I used to work for a blogging software company and had to blog quite a bit! And truth be told, I miss it a little bit and that is what has sparked my interest in starting this blog. I love to spend time with our yellow lab, Libby, traveling, working out, reading, planning and organizing, and my most recent obsession - crafting!

I am always on the go, and rarely do I have any patience! :) My husband and I are somewhat newlyweds (married for almost 3 years - not sure how long you can have that newlywed title), we moved into our first home in 2010 and I feel like I'm still decorating and making it "ours", but I'm loving every minute of it.
My husband, my brother in-law, and myself have a marketing consulting and business development company - I love working from home and being responsible for something that we built! Now I know what you're thinking - is it hard working with your husband and family? Nope, they make it easy! We are growing rapidly and that has been the main focus in our lives for some time now - even though we always seem busy, I wouldn't change it!

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smk053078 said...

Awe, I love Meg!!! Gonna have to check out the other two ladies! Love finding new blogs! Hope you had a great weekend!!