That is just one word I could one to describe my past weekend. It started Friday after work with driving down to San Diego to meet up with my parents who were there vacationing for a few days. Dinner was excellent at a brewery down there then sleep! I don't know about you but I look forward to bed every Friday night for some reason (did that suddenly just age me?)

Saturday morning was the farmers market in the Little Italy section of San Diego and if you remember my post from the weekend with my cousin, visiting a farmers market is definitely one of my favorite activities whether morning or evening. It was wonderful and oh so many dogs, and oh so many different types! Then we went to Coronado Island, ate lunch and walked to a park bear the beach where a band was playing. We just sat on the grass and relaxed, it was practically heaven! Sorry I have no photos to show :-(

Sunday was a quick morning run with Kip then teaching Sunday school at our church followed by a short shopping trip at Home Depot because one of our big projects of the summer is to paint our downstairs interior walls, wish us luck! Back to church in the evening for the evening service and then resting at home.

Monday was an early morning wake up call for a 5K race my Sean and I had entered. On our way to the race, I snapped these photos. :-)

I love my little family :-)
Early morning and ready to race!
The race went well, extremely hot though, ugh and the last mile was completely uphill, not fun :-( 

After the race, sorry for the bad photos.
When Kip gets really tired he completely lays out, how cute

Yup, he sure is a tired pup

How adorable!
I spent the afternoon with some friends who are from Kenyan and they invited me for lunch, it was a terrific afternoon. The evening consisted of hanging out with friends, meeting new ones and enjoying fireworks, that is my favorite part of 4th of July! Basically this three day weekend was filled with family, friends and enjoying a lot of my favorite activities! Can't think of a better way to spent a holiday weekend, you see wonderfulness :-) hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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