Jewelry tree stand

On my chest of drawers, I have a jewelry tree stand. I got tired of having all my jewelry lying around, making it look all cluttered and when I needed to find a pair of earrings before I had to rush out the door to go to work, I could never find the matching earring. To solve the problem, the idea actually came to me in a dream, I kid you not. My mother in law last Easter brought down a wire Easter tree painted color and the branches stuck straight out from the "trunk" to hang plastic Easter eggs. The rest of the year this Easter egg tree would sit in our garage basically collecting dust until the next Easter. Basically one night I had a dream I used the Easter egg tree to hang all my jewelry, my bracelets, earrings (hoops or dangly ones, not studs), necklaces and larger rings. Maybe one day I will re-paint the tree or leave it the white color it is. However, my chest of drawers looks more put together and less all over the place. The biggest plus? I can find all my jewelry when I want it at that moment!
Here is a quick photo of my jewelry tree.

I found a few more creative ways to hang one's jewelry. If you want to create your own jewelry tree, you could get a branch without leaves (if there are leaves, remove them). Then make a stand and pain the branches if you want or embrace the natural look. Enjoy!

This is an example of creating your own jewelry tree with a real branch and base

These are two of my favorite finds!


Val said...

I love jewelry tree stands. I have a little one and I put all my go to pieces on it. Happy Tuesday!

Meg {henninglove} said...

Hi Val, thanks for stopping by! jewelry tree stands are great. i love your blog and all your great recipes. hope you had a great 4th of July!