Happy 4th of July!

I know it is a holiday and you want to spend some time with your family and friends enjoying delicious bbq, maybe watermelon (I know I certainly will, yum!), ice cream, but I am gonna ask you to do a favor. Read some of our Declaration of Independence! Get a copy of that sucker out, or find it online somewhere. Wherever you happen to find it, just read it because it should be the American thing to do. Get to know more about our government, and learn more than whatever you were taught in your American government class. Or if you need to brush up on what our founding Fathers wrote. Once you do that then you are free to enjoy the rest of your holiday to your heart's content and please do because I certainly intend to and celebrate the freedom we are blessed with in this great country of ours! If you are doing some fireworks, please stay safe and keep plenty of water nearby just in case. 

I want to send a HUGE thank you to our troops to continue to fight for the freedoms this country was founded on. They and their families serve so selflessly, and this country can never thank them enough for what they do to allow the rest of this country to live in peace and freedom.

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