Lemons, oranges and limes

One thing I love to use for decorating about my house is use citrus fruits especially lemons, oranges and limes in vases, glass bowls, etc. It really brightens up a room and if you sit near the fruit, you get a natural air freshener, seriously you do! I have put key limes in vase with flowers, I put lemons in a fish bowl and set it on an end table. There is no ending to the ways you can use citrus fruits as natural decoration in your house. Found these cute pictures and are inspiration for future decorations!

I love the matching yellow candlestick, easy to repaint them in yellow if you buy them in a different color

I want this in my house!

A simple centerpiece

How easy is this centerpiece for when you are entertaining guests!

What natural elements do you like to decorate your house with?


Sarah said...

i love the lemons in a vase, especially with flowers. I saw a friend do it once with roses and had cut up lemons in the water of the vase...it looked so pretty (..and smelled good too!)

i've tried doing it a few times here and there, but now that its summer, i'm gonna have to do it more :) thanks for all the wonderful pictures, they give great ideas!

Meg {henninglove} said...

hey sarah i am trying to post comments on your blog but i am not allowed or it keeps redirecting me to sign into google although i am already signed in :-(