Scenes from the weekend

Happy Sunday evening everyone! It is this time of the night when I love to start relaxing and preparing myself for the week ahead. Does anyone else do that? Start slowing down from the busyness or craziness of the weekend, sometimes it is both. This weekend my parents in law came into town and my mother in law bought me the cutest appetizer plate set. How cute is that? It is perfect, 12 plates and every week for my Tuesday Treats, I serve usually about 12 people.

She also bought me a cookie and bar book, so expect a lot of recipes from there for my Tuesday Treats. We almost always go out to lunch with them when they come into town and this weekend was no exception. Our favorite place? It happens to be where we held our rehearsal dinner, at a wonderful BBQ restaurant called Frisella's. The owners and their daughter are so cute, whenever they come in, they recognize us and always say has it been almost a year of marriage yet? I enjoy going to restaurants that take interest in their customers and is definitely one reason why my Sean and I keep going back. They make the most excellent homemade potato chips ( who does that anymore?!), a terrific tri-trip sandwich and the BEST sweet potato fries I have found yet. Anyways check out the restaurant here:

Also this weekend, my Sean and I attended a wedding on Saturday evening. The bride looked beautiful, she had a lot of cute details incorporated, and she had a champagne, blush, cream color combination with a black chandelier theme. Obligatory photos of my Sean and I at the wedding, mind the cheesiness please :-)

Waiting for the ceremony to begin

The beautiful couple


Loved the lights all around the venue

On Sunday, my Sean and I started teaching Sunday school for the 3rd graders at our church for the summer. Let me tell you I have had a few opportunities to see my husband with children and each time, it confirms to me what a wonderful dad Sean will make. My heart is soaring right now and is so full of love for that man! 
We went out to lunch with his parents and afterwards spur of the moment decided to view some open houses in our area. Not that we are looking at buying anytime soon, but we are educating ourselves for pretty much the biggest and most expensive purchase we will make in our lifetime. I'm excited to do a post of my dream house, with a great backyard and awesome kitchen! Oh yah and I pretty much ate my weight of this delicious fruit during the weekend,

I told you I really really really love watermelon a ton! I pretty much have bought one every week during the month of June, am I a watermelon-addict? Very much on the edge, anyone know how to help my addiction?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Michelle said...

I didn't know you guys were teaching this summer...that is awesome!!!!!