Tuesday Treats are turning patriotic

In honor of the upcoming 4th of July in hopes that you can make this dessert for the holiday for the BBQ or family and friend get together you are attending on Monday, here is the perfect patriotic dessert you can bring for everyone to enjoy! Seriously you can eat these things as dessert or just use them as a decoration on your table. Pour some sand into a vase and stick these marshmallow firecrackers (yes I just named them) in there for some creative decorations. These marshmallow firecrackers are super super easy to do.

First gather your ingredients, white chocolate, big marshmallows (the miniatures just won't cut it), shredded coconut, red and blue food coloring and wooden skewers.

Separate the shredded coconut on three different plates. On one plate, put a few drops of the red food coloring and on another plate put some blue food coloring. Using a fork mix the coconut around to get all the coconut either red or blue. See below.

Trust me the red coloring is on the left and the blue is on the right
Color the coconut!
Radiant red!
Beautiful blue!

Finished coloring the two plates of coconut, the third plate is suppose to remain the white color on suppose, you know for red, white and blue!

Then take the marshmallow and skewers and on the end of each skewer stick 
a marshmallow on it but don't put the marshmallow all the way through.

Melt the white chocolate until it is completely melted. Then dip one of the marshmallows in the chocolate, roll it around so the entire marshmallow has chocolate on it then roll it around in one of the coconut plates. Use just one color of coconut for each marshmallow. As you can see I did a total of 6 marshmallow and I used 2 marshmallows for each of the three colors.

One is finished!

Finally once all the marshmallows you are making are completed, let the chocolate cool and harden before you place them in the jar or vase you are using and viola! the finished product!

What do you think? Marshmallow firecrackers! Do they look a bit like fireworks or am I totally making it up? I will have another Tuesday Treats this week but that is a secret and completely under wraps, sorry.

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