Good morning Lovelies!

I know I said a weekly feature would be Tuesday Treats but yesterday was such a long work day for me, I didn't get home until 10pm, granted I knew I would be coming home that late and this week's Tuesday Treats would actually be today, Wednesday. This week's baked yumminess is oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. And they are chewy, I'm not a fan of hard, crunchy cookies. I'm borrowing the recipe from the Repressed Pastry Chef and doubling the recipe, more love to share! Photos coming later. But for now, imagine the wonderful aromas of oatmeal and chocolate that waft from your oven beckoning all who come near to taste and enjoy!
Photos to come later!
The finished product is here. Yum! Overall verdict this recipe is very easy to make, no complications and the look on the husband's face indicates this is a make again recipe.
Just a sampling of the Tuesday Treat, err this week is Wednesday.

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