What I'm loving today...

I have always been a nail polish girl but it was longer fingernails, fortunately I was blessed with strong enough nails that they didn't break too often. But for a while I was in a french manicure only phase, thought it looked grown up and sophisticated. Then I grew out of that stage because frankly I didn't do anything else besides french so I got bored of doing the same thing all..the...time. Who wouldn't get bored? Then I started discovering color, bright colors but not neon bright. Just enough color to give my overall look an extra *pop of color. My first leap into color was this Ulta nail polish called Mango and it went with everything and I mean everything. It coordinated well with a lot of my outfits. Then I bought the most gorgeous color of maroon and was using that color a lot. Recently I have found Essie as I assume most of you are familiar with and now that Target (love that store) has been stocking their shelves regularly, it has become my go to nail polish, except the price tag can be a bit steep. So if I buy an Essie color then I really really like that color to justify spending that much on one tiny bottle. In no particular order are my latest favorites, the first is Fiji and the second is Cute As a Button, perfect coral color for spring. Let me know what your favorite nail polish or go to color is!

Hope you have a great day and just keep smiling!

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