Gonna really start over..

Hi y'all, 
Ok this is me starting over again. I know I posted awhile back staying I was starting again and really going to stick to blogging last time. But this time I truly from the bottom of my heart mean it. there were a few things holding me back from truly committing to blogging last thing. Silly little things like do I really have interesting things to say, what approach will I take this blog, dumb stop me in my tracks thoughts. 

Anyways I am back!

So this is me, newly married 10 months actually and while it hasn't been all roses and castles, it has been a lot of learning, love all with the patience of the great man I married. I live in a cute condo with our adorable dog named Kip. Kip Keino is his full name but he only gets called that when he has really misbehaved and with a jack russell, that can be pretty frequent, but he is all too adorable for us to be mad at for too long. That is me in a nutshell, learning how to be a wife, have a full-time job, a great social life and keep my sanity or not :-)

One feature I know that will a permanent fixture on my blog each week is what I am titling Tuesday Treats. My husband and I host a weekly bible study at our place on Wednesday so Tuesdays is my baking day for all the wonderful couples we meet with weekly. So look out for Tuesday Treats with lots of photos it might make you drool or get the sudden urge to suddenly run to your kitchen and start baking.

Other than that as this blog develops I will add more features so for right now, welcome board as I take this journey!

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