Because I have some time to kill in the Phoenix airport

My vacation has come to an end, yes, sorry for my lack of posts I was traveling the mid-West primarily Indiana, Ohio and Michigan to visit some of my family. It was a nice vacation which included driving in the mid-West summer weather, for those of you who know it is tornado warnings, hail, extreme amounts of rain thrown in with lightening and thunder. It was an experience to say the least for this California-trained driver, basically the rule of thumb if you feel it is unsafe to drive, pull over, end of story.

I stayed in Ann Arbor, MI and Toledo, OH and finished my travels in Marion, IN. And this trip made me realize how blessed my life is back in California. Rather, I am just more appreciative of the little family that consists of my husband, Kip and myself. Also, I recognized that as much as I dream of having a career that would get me to travel a little bit, maybe I don't desire that as much as I thought. My desire is truly to be a good and supportive wife to my Sean. Having been married for a little over 10 months have changed me more than I would have ever realized, and by change I mean for the better. While it is humbling and can be tough to realize the qualities about oneself that isn't very compatible with marriage, such as selfishness, or being unforgiving, I know I am changing for the better. However, what makes it easier to swallow the toughness of that as humans we are imperfect, and no one should ever go in a marriage as an imperfect person marrying another imperfect person and expect a perfect marriage. God didn't design it that way, He designed it to work, but He never said it would be perfect, only He is perfect. Constantly telling myself that has helped me to except the fights we experience and the miscommunications. Anyways I am getting off topic... we will save this insight for another post.

Driving around and seeing family has solidified the importance of family members and proved how grateful I am for a small but close-knot family despite the mileage between us. I am thankful to God for the family He knew in advance I would grow up in and the family traits whether good or bad I would inherit. It has come time to board my flight and I will sign off with this... thanks for listening to my thoughts and as my signature line in my emails say just keep smiling!

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