Happy (one day late) Memorial Day!

Hello lovelies,
What did you do for Memorial Day? did you celebrate and honor those who have served our country so graciously asking nothing in honor? Did you enjoy a bbq, some time at the pool or down by the beach? And for those with the fashion sense did you break out your white pants to go along with the wear white pants only between Memorial and Labor day holidays? I certainly busted the white pants out today! And truth be told, I wore them before yesterday, hey in California I think I can get away with it :-)

I had a terrific Memorial Day, spent some time recuperating from my time, spent quality lounging around time with my Sean and Kip, we had to have some much needed family time. I took a friend of mine grocery shopping who has a 3 month old and I noticed yesterday when he smiled at me, he has dimples, on both cheeks, both dimples! Then my Sean and I rushed over to a Memorial Day bbq with our small group bible study. The menu was chips and salsa, fruit salad, broccoli salad, hamburgers and rib, yummy! Afterwards my Sean went and purchased a GRILL and I mean it is a GRILL. This thing would make you want to grill even if you never had the desire, it screams grill on me please, I will make you a tasty meal. So that means grilling is the method of cooking tonight. Here is the menu: grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes and corn, which I am cooking on the grill using the side burner, yes this awesome grill has a side burner.
* I must add a side story here of how my Sean is turning into a husband extraordinaire. He purchased the grill last night, brought it home and had to assemble it. I went to bed around 10pm, the three hour difference from my trip has hit me harder than expected (does this mean I am getting older...) and then I woke up 4 hours later when my Sean came in to bed. That is right he stayed up until 2 freaking A.M. to assemble the grill together and all because he said it would be finished so we could grill tonight. What a freaking awesome husband I married! Man, oh man, did I marry an awesome one.* 

So what tell me awesome things your husband/fiance/boyfriend has done for you? Lets share and applaud those men who make our life extremely special and make us feel like a queen.

Finally, I will leave you with this my newest favorite color of Essie, watermelon. Go find it, love it and wear it now! And because I have to post a picture here you go

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