Because I'm a proud mommy (of a dog)...

I'm gonna gloat a bit about the most adorable thing that greets me every day from when I get home from work and no it isn't the hubby, because it is were a contest, the hubby would win by a long shot just 'cuz.

Anyways introducing Kip Keino Henning, breed: jack russell terrier age: just turned 2 in April favorites: walks, treats, having people pet him and giving kisses and high-fives to his two owners.

Ok this is what he looked like when the my Sean (then boyfriend) and I bought Kip. Since then he has enhanced our lives especially since when husband (then boyfriend) and I were not living together, we only started living together when we got married just a tiny bit over 10 months ago, wow time flies fast! We joke that my Sean was the real parent and I got to be the grandparent, you know spoil the dog, play with him for a little bit but I wasn't always involved in the cleaning up the poo, disciplining him or not being able to sleep because he was barking up a storm.

Now that my Sean and I are living together, I get to be around my little munckin all the time and I love it even more! Kip has such personality, he has little quirks that make Kip so cute and he has become my running companion and believe me Kip definitely keeps up on my 5 mile runs. And because I want to gloat a little bit more, here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure! Go ahead, tell me how cute my dog is thanks! :-) P.S. Kip even has his own facebook page

                                              Kip came to work with me!
                  Just chilling in the grass being a well-behaved dog!
                  My men watching youtube videos together!
                   Exhausted from a road trip!
                     Just a few weeks old!


Lilly's Style said...

Aww, how adorable :)

Meg said...

thanks Lilly! he is definitely such a joy in my life

M @ Cupcakes and Cardigans said...

Aww, he is super cute!