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Question for you - how many of you have spouses who have commented or have let it be known that when they come home from work they like to be greeted at the door with a show of affection? Maybe they highlight the show of affection or just the being greeted at the door? 

Now question for you, reader, as the recipient of the knowledge that your partner likes being greeted at the door, how often do you do this? Do you willing stop in the middle of what you are doing and run to say hi to them? Or do you just yell hi from the kitchen as you continue to prep dinner if around the dinner hour is when your partner arrives home?

I have rarely done this despite the request by my husband that he likes it is if I greet him. Last week, we went out on a talking date, the kind that we discuss and try and work out differences and find out what areas we are doing good in as a couple. 
I decided that without telling Sean I would start greeting him at the door after work every day, putting down whatever I was doing to show him he is a priority to me and I am happy to see him after his work day. 

Do you know how long I lasted? One day. Only one day of saying hi at the door when he came home. Why did I fail the next two days? Because I was being selfish and in my head, I thought "well he is later than he said he would be home so he doesn't deserve a greeting." Geesh when I put out my thoughts into words, they sound down right horrible and rude. In reality where do I get to be the one to decide what he deserves or not. 

So I get back to greeting him at the door after work tomorrow and telling myself to put whatever feelings or hurt I may have because he a) came home later than he said or b)I am grumpy from dealing with kids all day, that it doesn't matter. 
I need to do better so we are better together as a couple.

What are you doing to better your marriage this year?

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Jen said...

Kyle always sends me a text when he is headed home from work. I can usually pinpoint when he will be home, so that makes it easier for me to greet him at the door.