Reality versus Social Media Worthy

I started a Sunday snapshot series on my Instagram page. Yes, yesterday's photo was pretty picture perfect as far as social media goes. 

Want to see some outtakes, the ones that are less than picture perfect because in reality we have to take about 10 of those to get 1 great photo especially when kids are involved?

By the way right before this, Caleb was having a melt down because he gave me his cup of lemonade after church and thinking he was done with it, I threw it away. Apparently, he was not finished hence the melt down so remember that next time you see a great photo on social media, there was probably something not so great before and after the photo was snapped!

Here's hoping maybe you enjoyed the outtakes a bit more and that next time you will stop and think and what could have happened before and after the photo was snapped, that life isn't picture perfect for anyone. 

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