No Excuses with Aaptiv

I love to run. Well lets say most days I love to run. Some days I love to sleep in a bit more longer but 4 or 5 days out of a week you will find me going for a run in the morning before anyone else in the house is asleep. I run because it helps me keep my sanity. I love before I leave my stresses and worries behind as I pound the pavement through the miles. I run because it is part who I am. 

There are some days when I wish I had a running partner to help motivate me to run on the days I feel like sleeping longer or on the days that running isn't going as smoothly. As a post-partum mom, making sure I exercise is a top priority but the reality is some days it just doesn't happen. Recently, I tried out an app called Aaptiv, which is a cardio app. So I have someone coaching me through a fartlek run, or someone to give me a morning stretch routine on those days that I want to work out but my husband's practice is too early for me to run or my kids got up more during the night but I still want to get a quick work out in. Aaptiv has trainers that specialize in prenatal workouts, they recently added stroller workouts to their app and soon will launch post-partum workouts and speedy workouts for the teachers aka a back to school program. 

As a mom, it is important that we stay healthy with regular exercises. It can be hard to place priorities on ourselves and our health but our kids need to see us taking care of our bodies. During the summer when Sean doesn't have regular practice, and Caleb is awake when I go for my run, he always tells me, "have a good run, Mom!" Staying healthy for me was a priority even while I was pregnant with both of my children running just a few weeks shy of my due dates.

The first time I tried Aaptiv, I did a fartlek run, which is periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running. I returned to the house and told Sean what I just did. Now he has been a college coach cross country and track and field coach for 8 seasons now and he has just let me run. He was pretty impressed I had just done a fartlek workout. 

The next morning they had earlier than usual morning practice so I tried out a yoga work out while my kids were playing in the house. I enjoyed this app because it allowed me to select a workout that fit my needs of where I could work out and the length of time I had while giving me plenty of variety and music in the background especially while running outside is pretty nice.

If you are wanting a variety in your workouts regardless of who you are, or a mom who needs a non-excuse to not miss a workout or you need a personal trainer while you are on the treadmill, running outside or doing a yoga routine to push and urge you on to the finish, get Aaptiv! 

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Jen said...

it's so so important to do a variety of workouts. When I was solely running I realized that my body just wasn't responding. A few months ago I added HIIT thanks to an awesome workout group where I live and it has changed everything! Great job mama!