Toddler Breakfast Ideas

With preschool two days a week, it is very important to me that Caleb eats a good breakfast with the time crunch to get out the door those mornings to get him to school on time. I have been trying to get a little creative with breakfasts so they aren't the same and Caleb gets a good variety of foods. We don't do gluten for him, so common breakfasts like toast and peanut butter are out (yes, I know there are gluten-free breads available). Breakfasts items like eggs and sausage are common but here are a few more ideas!

 Half of a banana with peanut butter and granola sprinkled on top!

Apple slice with peanut butter and dried cranberries.

You can change up the toppings to use what you have and I just happen to have dried cranberries instead of raisins in the house but you are free to use raisins. Have fun with these breakfast ideas! Be creative! I know it isn't the easiest always to be creative the first thing in the morning until your brain is awake so help by planning the night before what your toddler and you will eat in the morning. A good breakfast is the best way to start your day and having protein in your breakfast will help you feel full longer and help your toddler do his or her best learning!

Other breakfast ideas are pancake dippers, a slice of bacon that has pancake batter (yes, gluten-free!) poured on top and cooked then dipped into maple syrup. You can make breakfast taquitos with eggs, sausage, cheese rolled up inside a corn taquitos.
What do you usually serve your toddler for breakfast? Do you have any fun or creative breakfasts you serve them?

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Hilary said...

Lol, you are so much more of a super mom than I am. Beckett gets a waffle with peanut butter most days. Sometimes he gets Frosted Mini Wheats. On the weekends we'll sometimes do pancakes. .... Then he goes to school and eats whatever they're feeding him for breakfast (yes, my child is a horse).