My week away

For a mom a few days away in your own hotel room, being able to shower and use the bathroom in peace is bliss. Last week, I had the opportunity to do just that with expenses paid for because I earned the chance to attend Young Living's Gold Retreat up in Spokane, Washington. My own bed, some great girlfriends to hang out with every day and a trip to the first Young Living farm was on the agenda along with some white water rafting. It was bliss, pure bliss. 

From learning more about Young Living as a company, what it does in terms of global philanthropy to seeing the fields and the distilling drums, I am even more sold on why Young Living versus other essential oil companies. Then talk about being spoiled by the company, we were spoiled every day with generous surprises. 

Back to visiting the farm, Young Living has a Seed to Seal process, which means they own their own farms then distill, filter, test and seal their own bottles. Being able to stand in the Melissa and lavender fields, after harvest, getting to smell the wonderful aromas and get my feet into the beautiful earth is only possible because Young Living has nothing to hide. 
Here are a few photos from the farm day!
 Lavender after harvesting 

 Melissa field after harvesting

 Distilling drum

 Filteration system - just the coffee filters to remove the impurities

Beautiful, uncut lavender!

Do you have any questions about Young Living or essential oils in general? I am happy to educate, share my knowledge and tell you why Young Living essential oils are for a healthier life!

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Jen said...

It sounds like you had a great week!!