As I mentioned Caleb and I went to visit my parents last week. At the end of a long indoor and outdoor track season, I need reinforcements to help finish the season while Sean leaves for nationals. Those reinforcements are of course my parents and they don't mind seeing their grandson either. It is more of a refresher trip for me, a chance to regroup, breathe a bit and relax. 
Tucson is a beautiful city the more I visit. The mornings are still cool enough this time of year to not have to wake up super early for my morning run. The sunrises are beautiful. The Saguaro cactuses still had some flowers on them in white and pinks. I see coyotes, bobcats and rabbits frequently in the area of where my parents live. As the day progresses in May, it gets increasingly warmer but not unbearable.

Time at my parents seem to standstill at times which I want because I never like leaving them but then the time speeds up. There is plenty of love too while we are with my parents.

While we were there, I read an entire book, we played in the pool, had water fights, went to the Southern Arizona Transportation museum featuring trains. We ate good food, slept in, napped and just relaxed! But just as much as I dislike leaving my parents, it is always good to return because we get to be back with Sean!


Jen said...

I'm so glad you were able to go see family! I love Tucson, it's such a cool place.

chantal marie said...

Glad you were able to recharge a bit. Every mama needs help and a break sometimes!