I love my oils

It should be no secret if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook that I love my oils. I do, they are really freaking awesome and I know you may hear so many people say that and think it is somewhat skeptical but it is completely true. Don't believe me? Well, just buy a kit and lets work through to getting you to say yes these oils truly are awesome.

Want to see a few more instances of how awesome these oils are? One oil that I didn't use very frequently is copaiba. It is known to reduce inflammation, acts as a magnifier for the other oils, and then I found a common every day use, it promotes youthfulness in the skin! So a few drops in the moisturizer every day is all I did. You tell me if this oil works. I am baring it all for you on social media, no make up, hair isn't done, nothing. You are welcome. 
Another common use for oils is the scraps and cuts that toddlers acquire it can seem like on a daily basis because they are always running, climbing, chasing and exploring this world! This time the scrap was acquired by falling off a swing onto the sand below. But just a few days application of frankincense and lavender and his face looks as good as new!

What new uses for essential oils have gotten you really excited lately or what are you looking to use essential oils for?

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