essential oil journey

Yes I know you might have rolled your eyes at seeing the title of this post but I am not like a 2 month or even 8 month journey, I have been on the long term journey of essential oils. 2 years ago this month to be specific is when I officially started my family on using essential oils. Since then, we have learned a lot. When I bought the kit, we didn't have what I call the common reasons why people get interested in oils, seasonal issues, strong head discomfort, etc.

All we knew was that our health was a priority to us and we sought out to do better than the typical ways when it came to sickness and how we dealt or didn't deal with it.
Things didn't click right away for our family with oils to be honest. It took some time to make sure they truly worked and weren't a placebo or a bandaid to cover up the symptoms. However, we knew there was something special to the oils that we weren't willing to give up until we saw results.

Education is key to knowing how to use your oils, knowing which ones to use, and why oils actually work. I offer education, I offer help, and I can offer an amazing oil resource group with over 3,000 to help you learn how to use your oils properly and effectively.
Thank you for taking the time to read this especially if you have gotten this far.
Using oils on your kids, which I do daily on Caleb is something that should be well researched and done using only 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils with no unknown fillers or chemical distilling processes... (and sorry friends, blogs written by other moms who once read something their cousin's brother's grandma sent you about a kid who ingested a whole bottle of store bought wintergreen does not count as research). My point is, these things work. 

Still curious and want to know more? I'd love to educate you, share, get you to understand what oils help with what. Get your oils from someone who uses them daily, who uses them for almost everything, and who is educated, takes the education of oils seriously and takes it a priority that you learn HOW to use your oils and not let them sit on a shelf and never used.


Anonymous said...

My aunt is now a huge believer (as is my cousin)! My mom bought me an essential oil spot treatment that definitely works, too. I don't recall the brand name but it smells fabulous and does the trick ;)

P!nky said...

I'm a baby beginner when it comes to oils but have been enjoying them. Lavender is my favorite.

Hilary said...

I want to know if that's one of my lip balms in that picture. ;-) Which is now my go-to lip balm, btw.