And he is 2...

Somehow 2 years have flown by since God asked us to care for, raise and continually point Caleb to Him. It is totally true that the days are long in parenting but the years are short. Today we have a fun, endless laughing, full of joy and a happy spirit 2 year old and it hasn't changed. He is always quick to give a smile, a happy laugh and gosh he is so smart! 
Caleb, you are without a doubt the light of your father and I's life. You are quick to give hugs, hold hands, ask to be held still but at times you want to show some independence. You are always talking, talking, talking, talking. I love hearing you put new phrases together. I love our time together that I get to stay at home with you, take you to the library, to the park, to many other activities we do together. I love meeting up with other moms and their kids and seeing you interact with them. 
You are a true joy and I am so grateful for the last two years of my life with you.

Trying to take family photos at a park, with a huge number balloon with windy weather was actually a lot more difficult than I imagined. 


Jen said...

He is so adorable! Happy Birthday, Caleb! :)

Jess said...

How do we both have 2 year olds now?!?!? And Wes turns one next month!!!!