Great job, Mom!

Being a mom is hard but you are doing a great job, Mom. Between the mommy wars of breast is best or formula feeding, between the crib only or co-sleeping, between the how could you not vaccine your baby versus vaccines are from the devil, you are doing a great job. With the multiple times a night getting up to the everlasting change of diapers, you are doing a wonderful job. Mom you are doing a terrific job in the grocery store with your children as they are climbing out of the cart grabbing all sorts of snacks, usually unhealthy. You get looks or stares that say how can you not control your kids by strangers, keep moving forward Mom you are doing a fantastic job. 

Mom, people are pretty quick to give you their opinion of how you are parenting. Don't let those voices tell you any different, you are doing a great job. It seems the latest and greatest way to parent or how you shouldn't raise your children is being released that may cause you to question you as a mother. At the end of the day, are your children loved, have they been fed even if they wanted goldfish and cheese sticks all day? Then don't let those articles make you feel bad.

Don't feel bad, Mom, for wishing bedtime would come early tonight but as soon as it happens you miss them already. Don't feel bad, Mom, for saying you need to head to Target, to grab a latte, to take that shopping cart without a kid sitting facing you and hanging out by yourself for an hour or two. You have a hard job, Mom, and day after day of child wrangling, breaking up fights, pulling food out of hair and general exhaustion from the whining you need to take a break, a refresher. Take it and don't feel guilty. 

You don't have to be perfect, Mom, so stop trying to be. 
You are doing a great job, Mom just as you are,  keep it up!


Jen said...

I love this! I'm in awe of all the things Moms do. You are awesome my friend!

Jessica said...

So perfect! Love this! And YOU are a great mom! xoxo

Lauren said...

great post! thanks for this! You are a fabulous mom as well!

Tara Illy said...

I'm no mom (yet) but this is oh-so beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to you dear! xo