Wedding Day dream style challenge

You might have seen the title of this post and been like what? wedding day? Not mine of course but mine in the dreaming version. Even though my wedding happened over four years ago, sometimes I think about how would my wedding be if we had it today. What dress would I wear? Where would the venue be? In the country or in the city on a rooftop at the sun is setting? 

I was recently asked by to create a board with my wedding day dream style. I selected a rooftop setting for a more elevated, chic feeling to a wedding envisioning a nice, elegant dinner party following the ceremony. This wedding setting calls for elegant, sleek and chic details.

I selected a sleek, sophisticated wedding dress with some intricate beading on the neckline with a pair of strappy heels with a chic headpiece for a soft, flowing updo. My dress choice was definitely influenced by the rooftop, sunset setting. A poufy, over the top dress would look out of place for such an elegant venue. 

Currently my personal style right now is simple, elegant, chic and at times a little understated. That helped me in selecting the dress that perfectly accompanies this venue.  And who doesn't love a peony bouquet to accentuate the beauty of your dress as well. dream style challenge


Pamela @ said...

Can I have that wedding please? I would love to have another one! I think we should be able to have a do over every five years, lol!

Katie Elizabeth said...

My wedding was just last year but I still like thinking about what I would do if I had another chance! Love the dress you picked.. I have a thing for the capped sleeves!

Jillian said...

i love your picks! that dress is gorgeous! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

awhite said...

Love your wedding board, doll. Hope you're having a great week + a great Labor Day weekend ahead!


MakeMeUpMia said...

So so pretty, loving that bouquet.