Uniquely You...

I was contacted by ModCloth to style a dress from their collection along with some other items they currently sell. This outfit is an entry for their Uniquely You contest and I was happy to participate. You all know how much I like to style outfits or putting collections together using polyvore. 
I was given the dress, the staple of your style dress, it is called as the base for the outfit. 
I am in love with maroon tights lately, I need to buy a pair for myself actually so I picked one of my current fashion loves. A great, structured jacket is always a staple for every lady's closet, which is why I included it in the outfit. Jewelry and a handbag or clutch always completes an outfit. 

So do you like?


  1. I LOVE tights - I never wear them during the summer, and have always preferred bare legs, but colored tights are so lovely (and soooo much warmer!).

  2. What a fab outfit! I love those shoes!

  3. ahh this outfit is too cute! post baby new outfit?!

  4. beautiful!!! love all the different colors. :)

  5. Love this outfit!! Those shoes are amazing!!

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  7. Such a cute outfit; excellent styling job, doll! :)


  8. Very cute as always Meg, but I definitely just wanted to stop by and wish you and Sean the best with his recovery and the millions of other things that I'm sure are keeping you occupied. My thoughts are with you, and I'm wishing you both a great Christmas amongst the madness!


  9. This is one adorable outfit.


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