Pinterest Psalms Worthy

Maybe you have noticed that on my IG account, every Thursday I post the memory verse that I have a week to memorize. For over 12 weeks now, my mom and I recite our memory verse to each other, she is memorizing Isaiah 43 and I am memorizing Psalms 40. We don't just say that week's memory verse, we have to say all of the previous weeks as well.
Why memorize verses? Well why do we memorize anything? To keep it close to your memory, to program it in for whenever you need what you memorized and because it is important. Same goes with Bible verses, it is important to memorize them because they are helpful, I want these verses to be more than just words on a page to me and because it is important for many reasons.
For this Pinteresting Wednesday, which I haven't done in a LONG while, I have a few pins with some of Psalms 40, I have only memorized up to verse 13. They are in numerical order in case that isn't evident. So I'll let parts of Psalms 40 take over the rest of this post.

Source: google.com via Kristen on Pinterest


Kate Sullivan Corpuz said...

It's cool to see the Psalms paired with a cool font & pretty picture. Good luck with your memorizing!

always, koru kate

Simply LKJ said...

What a neat thing to do with your mom. By the way, my CBS Leadership Team is reading Unglued this summer. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. I am enjoying it immensely.

Leah said...

it's like having all of His promises stored within you. i love it Meg!

Sarah and Stewart said...

I used to be so good at memorization... sadly I think I've lost this skill in my old age... so I'm super impressed!

Sarah @ Life As Always

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

My favorite verse is :Matthew 6:34....that's one i have memorized and try to remind myself of!!

awhite said...

Great message + words to keep in mind.

I'm sooo ready for the weekend- been a long travel week and now I'm ready for my own bed with my pups (and Lance, of course). :)


Allison said...

I think memorizing scripture is so important and I love that you and your mom are doing it together. That is precious!!