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Happy Tuesday! Just a reminder if you are linking up for this week's bachelorette re-cap, Stesha of Classic and Bubbly is guest hosting for Kasey and I. Check out her blog, well you should anyways because she is just awesome and also link up!

Today I want to introduce you to another awesome blogger - Whitney! If she and I lived near each other, I know we would be like two peas in a pods and people would always see us together hanging out!

Hi Blog-world-

My name is Whit and I blog over at Black Little Button.
I truly believe that Meg and I were meant to be blogging-buddies, even if we are all the way across the country from one another. From picking out the exact clothing/shoe items from Target to Instagramming the loves our lives: our fur-children...oh wait I mean our husbands. :)  She has grown into a true friend, and I can't wait until the day I just jump on a plane and we finally get to meet each other in person!
My blog proudly displays all the photographs I love to take with my Canon DSLR with my life of a husband in the Army and a year old pup named Harlee.
Within the next month, my husband will be leaving for a 7 month training, and so I am going to keep the blog updated with a ton of pictures and moments that he missed while he was away.  Come check out my blog when you have a moment?

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Sarah Alway said...

Hey Whit, nice to meet you!

Sarah @ Life As Always