Guest Post - Sarah of Life as Always

Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday, we celebrated my brother graduating from college. Today I am having Sarah of Life as Always guest posting today and we almost had the opportunity to meet while I was up here in Seattle. My brother graduated from Seattle University and Sarah's sister is graduating too except one of undergrad and the other is grad. So graduation times are different, so close to meeting but not quite :-)
Sarah is another Pacific Northwest blogger and she is sharing her corner of the world with you all today. 

Hello, my pretties! So I was thinking… what if Dorothy had decided there was someplace like home, and took up residency in Oz? What if she kicked off those ruby slippers, threw out that horrible gingham dress, and traded them in for some Manolos and a pencil skirt? What if she took a job, got an apartment, and maybe met the right guy?

She’d probably start to worry about bills, rent, and whether the Wizard was going to increase property taxes in Munchkinland. She’d rush into the city each day while juggling her coffee, umbrella, and Prada bag. Then she’d spend eight hours in a cubicle working on a proposal about how to eradicate the Flying Monkey epidemic, perhaps finding 20 minutes to sneak in a salad and some gossip with Scarecrow. And at the end of the day she’d rush home to feed Toto and have a glass of merlot with the Tinman while they plan a weekend at the coast with the Cowardly Lion (Glinda’s not invited… she totally flirted with Tin last time).

Anyway, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Emerald City would probably lose some of its sparkle… But hey, this is the real world, and she can’t spend all her time skipping around, singing in Munchkinland, planting poppies, and riding in hot air balloons. So even though Dorothy’s not in Kansas anymore, the Technicolor may have faded, and she might still see the world in shades of gray.

I’ve been living over the rainbow in the Emerald City of Seattle for almost ten years now. But when I thought about what Meg would experience during her visit here, I realized that I never even bother to explore my beautiful city anymore… I just plod in and out of the office each day, never so much as glancing around. What a waste! But hey, it happens.

So recently, I took it upon myself to become a tourist in my own city, and I walked down to Pike Place Market on my lunch break. What an eclectic, fantastic place! Honestly, it wouldn’t have surprised me if I saw a Horse of a Different Color there.

I know y’all have brains, hearts, and courage, so use them and hit the Yellow Brick Road to re-discover your city. You might even see some lions, tigers, or bears… oh my!


Sarah Alway said...

Thanks for allowing me to guest post over here at Henning Love, Meg! I hope you had a fantastic trip to Seattle (you got some decent weather, yay!)

And congrats to your bro and my sis on graduating from Seattle U, what a fantastic achievement!

Sarah @ Life As Always said...

wow!! looks beautiful!! I would love to visit some day!!

Becky K said...

Seattle is hands down my favorite big city in America. Amazing shots!! And congrats to the grads!!


A and B said...

She did our city proud! Seattle is such a great place to live and visit!

Kasey Lynne said...

Seattle is definitely on my bucket list. I've heard so many great things about that city...Meg, let's take a girls trip up there!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I love our city! Great post Sarah and hope your trip was amazing Meg!!