The Bachelorette Finale

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Normally on Monday, I have been having a Hostess with the Mostess series, well that will be posted tomorrow since the finale of the Bachelorette aired last night.

Curacao is a great place to visit and a picture perfect spot for the finale of this season's Bachelorette. Sean and I visited Curacao last summer, almost a year ago exactly. It is a lovely island. 
The time has come for Emily to pick one of the two remaining guys. I don't have predictions, I don't have any guesses and I certainly didn't head over to Reality Steve to cheat to get the big engagement or lack of news. 
Of course the meeting between Jef and Emily's family went fine, blessing given, all the questions received the right answers. I did like that purple ombre dress she wore for that meeting and the outfit she wore when the episode was first show, the chambray and the pink maxi skirt, very cute!

Arie's meeting with the family started off with less brownie points for me because he didn't bring any flowers unlike Jef did except for that box. Really Arie, a box? Wrong move Arie! Was the meeting not just the most awkward time and it just made you cringe?  I think Emily's brother's comments about Arie being skilled is very spot on, he just isn't real or genuine to me.  
Was anyone else a little grossed by Emily and Arie kissing? 
I think it was important that both Jef and Arie meet Ricki, because Emily said if they didn't get along with her, then their relationship would stop right then and there. So if Emily was willing to accept a proposal without having either guy meet her daughter, does that make sense?
The day date with Jef, I loved her neon yellow skirt with the chambray top.

If you want the skirt, it is by Planet Blue and is the Two Slits Skirt for $108 although they only sell it in blue. The evening portion of the date was super, that book was a sweet gesture and moving on.
The big talk with Chris... Ok, Emily was loosing me a bit and finally I caught up to her and the thoughts that were coming out of her mouth. I was yelling at the TV at this point telling Emily that she should have gotten rid of Arie last week and kept Sean on for this week. The telling Arie before the final date is very similar to Ali's season, where she said good-bye to Chris once she realized that she loved Roberto and she didn't go on the final date with Chris. 

Arie makes a love potion and yet he has no clue that it won't work for him and Emily.. poor Arie and plus he is so confident he is getting engaged tomorrow, oh Arie you have no idea what is coming. Plus the awkward obligatory must sit on the bench and look passive and pensive while waiting for Emily.
And then the break-up, it happened, he was pissed, she was sad and time to move on. 
Oh Neil Lane, lucky you you only have to meet with one suitor, not two. Less money that ABC has to shell out if they do that, one ring is definitely less expensive than two.

Gorgeous finale dress that Emily wore, a really gorgeous dress by Jean Fares!
Is everyone in agreement with me?
And yes he proposes and she accepts after a majorly long dramatic pause and thank you ABC for picking the cheesiest song ever to play for the recap of their relationship.
There you have it folks, the entire season of the Bachelorette recapped on my blog. Will I do it again? No. Was it fun? Sorta.
So we will wait and see how long their relationship plays out, I hope for a long time but as we all know these relationships rarely make it to an actual wedding.

P.S. Some commentary provided by two husbands on last night's episode, first Jef looks like he is 12 and also he is a douche straight up. 
P.P.S. My husband said, "I give it a month."

Oh my weekend it was awesome. Hung out in Temecula with these beautiful ladies, Kasey, Jamie and Katie. My heart was so full, happy and blessed after hanging out with them all afternoon. And Kasey and I found out that our husbands are in the same Masters program!

and saw this Batman car.


Courtney said...

I loved her neon skirt! Jef grew on me--who knows, maybe it will work. I wasn't a fan of her final rose dress:( That long dramatic pause had me worried for one f Jef!

Alissa said...

I don't watch this show but I am completely obsessed with this girls style!

Susan said...

I actually thought that she and jef went well together. He was different than any of the other guys (not too macho looking, he has that different hair) and though I didn''t like him in the beginning he definitely grew on me too. So I'm happy that she picked him! Though I agree, Sean would have been the better pick overall. Now at least Sean is out there for the rest of us single gals :) haha

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I love your recap! When my husband was watching it with me he's like "Umm Emily isn't very smart is she?" just because sometimes when she talks I feel like she doesn't always make sense...oh well, I still love the show and get sucked in to watching every season! I hope they pick Sean to be the Bachelor! :)

Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

Loved this bummed its over!

Samantha said...

Even though I wasn't a huge fan of either Jef or Arie (TEAM SEAN!), I am happy she picked Jef. They make a very cute couple/family and just seem "right" together. She seems genuinely happy and he obviously loves her! I hope your hubby is wrong and they last a lot longer than a month!!! :)

I hope Sean is the next Bachelor... when do we find out?!

Cami said...

I didn't really like that was too..I don't know..don't really like it.
I'm glad she picked Jef..he is a sweetheart. But for some reason, after watching it, realize I'm not that big of a fan of Emily. I mean...she's nice and all...but Idk. I'm glad she decided to wear less makeup for After the Rose ceremony!

Anonymous said...

Her dress was lovely! I'm ashamed to admit I didn't even know Curacao was an actual locale. I'd only heard of the liqueur. Dont judge me! ;) Have a great week.

Quiet Luxury

Allison said...

The love potion was too much...they did not need to let Arie go through with that. Poor guy. I'm so glad she picked Jef, but that song...seriously? Corniest song ever. Haha.

Hannah said...

I get that women of the world love Sean. What I don't get is how he would be a better choice. Better choice than Arie? Yes, her relationship with Arie was purely physical. Better choice than Jef? No. I think it's important when women are watching the show they are looking at the man that is right for EMILY not THEMSELVES. Emily is already much more mature than your average 26 year old because of her circumstances. She has missed out on being in her twenties. Jef can bring that side out for her, and she can be the stability he needs in his life.

I'm super happy for them and I feel like they are one of the couples that could actually work out. I feel like a lot of times there's some tension in the after the rose ceremony but there wasn't with them; they seemed completely infatuated with each other.

I agree with some of the others that her finale dress wasn't my favorite, but the rest of her wardrobe was incredible.


Thanks for the recap since I missed the episode. I heard weeks ago from my daughter who she ends up with, thanks to all the spoiler magazines, etc. I was a HUGE Sean fan myself. Oh well! Hope she has no regrets. Stacie xo

Lauren said...

I didn't watch the show...but don't hardly feel like I needed to! Thanks for your recaps!

Love that finale dress...gorgeous!

pretty little things said...

just discovered your blog and I love it!
I'm your newest follower - hope you can check mine out as well : )

Ashley Aspinwall said...

completely agree! love her finale dress :)

xo SideSmile,

SideSmile Style Blog

Tabitha Carnes said...

I completely agree! Sean was a great guy -- for SOMEONE -- but not for Emily! Jef seems like a keeper to me. Loved watching him with little Ricky too!

Ashley said...

I really hope they last!!!!

I actually did not love her dress. I've been loving most of her clothes this season, but something about that top just didn't do it for me.

Rachael said...

i agree with your husband...they won't last very long! i think she will wear the pants in that relationship and will find something "better". i am still on team sean!

A Shopaholic Runner said...

I had heard on E!News that Arie would leave and I just assumed it was his choice. Although Jef was definitely my favorite this season, I think Sean and Emily might have been a better fit! They did look happy last night though I hope they make it!

christina said...

I might be the only person who doesn't watch this! I might have to start next season :)!!

Kasey Lynne said...

So I hope that my dvr recorded the finale because even though I cheated and found out who won a few weeks ago, I still want to watch it.

p.s. you're SO great! had so much fun yesterday :)

Alisa Marie said...

Great Post! I loved her neon skirt that she wore on the beach with Jef, it was so cute!

Simply LKJ said...

Didn't watch it...hated the show after the first two! Hubby and I are in agreement...who would WANT to watch their daughter's act like that on TV?!!! I personally would be mortified if my daughter played out her dating on national TV. LOL

REBrown said...

I was really surprised that she picked Jef - we'll see how long it lasts.

Amy {Cupcakes+Couture} said...

i looooved her proposal dress! it was so perfect, along with her die for!

CALLIE said...

I don't watch the show regularly, but one thing is for sure.... Girl's got serious style!!

Lisamarie said...

If you don't blog about the show anymore I hope you will still tell us where the clothes are from! I live that you do that!

Katy said...

I'm sad I didn't watch the Bachelorette this mom was obsessed so she kept me filled in! Love that dress on Emily!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Well, Meg we got sucked in and now its done. Lets see how it plays out. I am only grateful that as beautiful as she is I don't have to look at her teeth or his hair

Danavee said...

Now on to Bachelor Pad, right??????? Ohhh it's so awful, yet I can't tear myself away!

Heidi Toevs said...

Ok, so we totally had the same views on the Bachelorette Finale! I although had picked Jef from the beginning, I don't know why, probably because he doesn't look like the "typical" contestant. Arie gave off a weird vibe towards the end, and yes their kissing was totally AWKWARD!! That brings me to Emily's clothes!! I am in love with that Neon Skirt!! Don't think I could pull it off, but definitely going up on the inspiration board!! I love when she dresses a little 'edgy', totally not an expected look on her!!
And I don't know why, but I got suckered into the Bachelor Pad... Here's for more mindless TV viewing LOL