May Sponsors Feature (and Happy Mother's Day)

Happy Sunday and I wish all the mothers out there a wonderful Mother's Day, hope you are filled with love by your family because you are indeed special, exquisite and just wonderful. 
Happy Mother's Day to my mom, you have done so much for me and my siblings. You have filled us with love, with knowledge of God and His word and has passed out many important lessons on this earth, the most important who we should be living for each day, our heavenly Father. Thank you for what you have taught us, for praying for us each and every day and for loving us always.

Hi all!!
I want to introduce you to the great sponsors for the month of May here on henning love. 
For sponsorship, I ask each blogger to provide the following information, a blurb about them, their blog and then to answer one question that changes each month. This month's question is what is your favorite type of flower (you know the saying April showers bring May flowers).
First up is Allyson of Cupcakes and Candy Canes, doesn't her blog sound so sweet ;-)

 Hi! I'm Allyson, and I blog over at Cupcakes and Candy Canes.  I'm a future teacher, and I blog about finishing school, cooking, crafties, and wedding thoughts.  I really love networking with other bloggers, and I am so excited to grow along with all of you.
Question - My favorite flowers are probably tulips - there is just something so clean-looking about them.

Next is Kara Styled with Life

    Hey! My name is Kara, and I'm a 20- something just starting out in the blogging world! (I’m really loving it!) I was born in Idaho, have lived up and down the coast of California, but feel most at home in the Bay Area. It’s where I went to college, work, and most importantly where I spend time with my wonderful family and friends. I love fashion, interior design, bad reality TV, bright colors, neutrals, rom-coms, animals, Kristin Wiig and Keri Russell (just to name a few things!) I’ve come to a place in my life where I’m learning to love the little things and take in every moment. I am constantly reminded of how lucky of a girl I am. I find time for gratitude everyday.

     Styled With Life is a “lifestyle blog” where I share my love of fashion, interior design and products I’ve come across. I also love to share tidbits of my life, work, family and friends. I’d love for you to stop by, and maybe even stay awhile! I look forward to meeting you! 

    In answer to the famous monthly question, I would say my favorite May flower is a Peony! Any color, any size! I love how their presence can take over a room, but their simply beauty can be so understated at the same time! 

Followed by another great sponsor Andrea of Left Brain, Right Brain, Pug Brain.
Hey, I'm Andrea from Left brain, right brain, pug brain! I'm an aspiring fiction author, wife to an engineer and proud dog-momma to a cute, lazy, carrot-loving puggle. We just graduated from college and made the move from rural Missouri to Southern California. Our blog is all about real life: our adventures as California transplants, my musings about writing and a giant mishmash of me dabbling in fashion, photography, food and fitness. And I talk about ice cream. A lot. 

Oh, geez, I don't know anything about flowers. I like lilies? Does that count?


Allyson Butler said...

Thanks for the feature! Can't wait to check out the rest of the sponsors.

Andrea D said...

Oh no, my picture must have been too scary for posting! HA :)
But seriously, thank you for the feature and for letting me be one of your May sponsors. And thanks for all of the yummy recipes you post...they're part of the reason I need a new, more hardcore workout routine.
Happy Mother's Day to your lovely momma!

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

All the blogs sound so wonderful. What a lovely group of sponsors. I'm off to check their blogs out right now. :)

Hilary said...

Thanks for the introductions! Love meeting new blogs :)

Amanda said...

You have some awesome May sponsors! And I love the sweet note to your mom for mother's day :) I hope you had a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

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