Golden Week - Hello. Also, I love you

Happy Saturday, Happy Children's Day and happy 25th birthday to my sister. As I mentioned I had a few guest blogger who currently live in Japan to tell you their experiences with Golden Week. Today we have Sue of Hello. Also, I love you sharing with you all. She is super adorable so read her post here and then check out her blog, you won't regret it.
Take it away Sue!

Golden Week in Japan!
It's a giant week of holidays that all just happen to line up nicely. The Japanese people know how to celebrate in style. They throw festivals and parties for everything. They cook delicious food and dress up in beautiful outfits. My favorite thing about Golden Week is how nicely it lines up with Spring. The Cherry Blossoms bloom on the trees, the beautiful flowers come out to play, and the earth just comes alive.
There are usually pretty banners (that I can't read) all around, but during Golden Week they pop up even more. I love that they take the time to decorate their country and make it beautiful to look at. 
It all culminates with Children's Day but since I don't have pictures of that (yet) I'll leave you with my favorite pic of a Japanese child. These are found at any mall or large store. They don't use strollers here and rarely will you see a Japanese baby in a carseat!
I love living here and being able to fully immerse myself in a different culture. I've learned so many new things that I never thought about before! And of course I'm so lucky to be here with my husband so I have someone fun to experience it all with.



Val Fox said...

Japan is so beautiful! I would love to visit someday, preferably during Golden Week. Great guest post Sue!

Elisabeth said...

this is awesome - i lived in Japan for ten years and childrens day/ golden week is the best - we'd usually spend it vacationing somewhere because we got school off but maturis in japan are wonderful :)