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 Tuesday is here and normally tomorrow would be March 1 but we got an extra day this year, do I like that, not sure. I also know what else is coming up soon Daylight Savings which is on March 11 this year. I much prefer the fall back, you won't hear me complain about any extra hour of sleep. 
Yesterday I went to fill up my car and practically had to exchange my first born child for a tank of gas. Geesh!! I'm just curious if you leave a comment, also leave me the current price for a gallon of unleaded, I want to know what the prices are people are paying around our country.  Last Thursday we visited Ashley in Raleigh and today we are headed down south to Alabama to have Brittany show us around for my From My Hometown to Yours series. 

Take it away, Brittany!

Hey guys, I’m Brittany over at Thoughts of a Wife in Training.
Thats me! :)

I currently live in the great state of Texas, but grew up in good ole southern Alabama, so I thought it would be more fitting for me to take Meg to my hometown of Daphne, Alabama.

I grew up in a small town across the bay from Mobile called Daphne. (If you have ever driven to Florida, you drove right through where I grew up.) Daphne is located on the Eastern Shore along with Fairhope, which is where my Dad, s.Mom and little brother live, so I have pretty much grown up all along the Eastern Shore.

Here is a pic of what you would find in Downtown Fairhope. It’s a little Mayberry like, which is what makes is so cute and quaint.
Lighting of the Trees

Everyday Fairhope

First stop on our trip to the Eastern Shore would be the restaurant my momma has worked in for the past 10 years, The Original Oyster House.
This is where my Momma has worked for the past 10 years.

You can get some good ole raw oysters up in here. Of course since where I grew up is on the water, there is MUCH seafood. You just can’t get away from it.
We would eat as many raw oysters as we could shovel down our throats and then head to the Bay to walk off all we just ate.
Isn't she a beauty?
The Pier sits just a mile or so from Downtown Fairhope. Its such a great place to walk around and people watch. There is a little beach and duck pond just over to the right where you can just chill and feed the ducks. Its so beautiful!
After we walk off all those calories, we could jog up to The Coffee Loft and enjoy and iced coffee. Seriously, I can’t lie to you. This place has been one of my favorite places ever since I was in high school. My friends and I spent many a Friday night at this joint, just talking and listening to good music. 

 After hours of good conversation we would spend our afternoon enjoying all the little shops around Downtown Fairhope. There are so many cute little shops and boutiques around there, you are lucky if you don’t wind up spending an entire paycheck while you are out and about.
After our shopping excursion, we would make our way down to Orange Beach. Its only about a 30 minute drive, so we would OF COURSE have to jam to some Jack Johnson with the windows down.
Once we make it to the beach, we would just bask in the glory that is this beauty:
Yeah, seriously, this is what I grew up with. Its pretty amazing, and YES, this is in Alabama. Pretty great, right?
I can usually spend an entire day, sunrise to sunset, just laying on the beach doing nothing. It’s the most relaxing thing in the world to me.
Food of course is not hard to come by in the south, so we would have to eat at two of my favorite places in the world to go.
Lulus and Big Daddy’s

Jimmy Buffets sister owns a restaurant at the Gulf called LuLus and boy do they know how to throw a party. Its so much fun to be there on a Friday night, drinkin a margarita and listening to some good music. 
Big Daddy’s is the restaurant that my dad works at. His best friend, Jason owns it and they know how to roll there. Its such a great family oriented place, and sits right on the water of Fish River
I know, you are probably all thinking that all we do in Bama is eat, shop and go to the beach. Well, you are kind of right. I remember wearing my bathing suit to school underneath my uniform just to strip it off and head to the gulf for the afternoon.

 I hope you enjoyed taking a tour around where I grew up.
Much love to you people and make sure you come and see me over at Thoughts of a Wife in Training.


 I love your plan of showing me your hometown if I came to visit you Brittany. I like towns that are like mayberry, cute and quaint and you know a lot of people. I had no idea that Jimmy Buffet's sister was in the restaurant business too so I would definitely need to check out her restaurant since I have been to one of his restaurants before.

If anyone is interested in contributing to this series, please email me at megmouch(at)gmail(dot)com, I would love to have you!


Summer-Raye said...

What a pretty place

The Pink Growl said...

I've never been to Daphne, but it looks so quaint! I love it! I'm from a small town too. I should give you a virtual tour of mine one day.

Carlie said...

Looks like a great little town!

We are paying about 3.40 for gas here! It is crazy, but not as bad as some places. =)

CALLIE said...

I have eaten at the Original Oyster Steamer many times and of, course I love me some LuLu's!!

birdie to be said...

Lovely post & pictures!

Mandee said...

Wow that beach is amazing! And Meg, I paid $4.11 per gallon yesterday. How much did you pay? I am going to take the train everyday that I can this week to avoid driving to work.

amy b.s. said...

how lovely!

Simply LKJ said...

What a beautiful town! I am right there with ya regarding the gas, my car takes premium ONLY...and we have 4 cars to fill!!! Regular unleaded is about $3.69.

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Oh how lovely! I love the trees with all the Christmas lights! And I feel the same way about gas! I think it was about $3.59 when I filled up yesterday!

Jaclyn said...

such a fun little tour!

Sarah said...

Wow those flowers are SO gorgeous!

- Sarah

Nicole said...


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

How lovely! You live in a beautiful place!

Lia Joy said...

What a fun town! Looks like some place that I could get used to! :)

Gas in Fort Worth was $3.56 this morning. :(

REBrown said...

Ahhhh it looks so warm and pretty!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Oh my goodness, that place couldn't be any cuter or more charming! Now *that* is the kind of place I need to escape to! (c:

Alexa said...

That photo of the beach blew me away...and isn't she adorable?!

parenting articles said...

that is such a beautiful place!

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Elle said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm paying $3.97 a gallon in Buffalo, NY!!!!

Kristina Gulino said...

DUDE gas is REDICULOUS here in CA!!!! $4.33 a gallon? Are you freaking kidding me? No wonder I haven't filled up my entire tank in the past few months...

On a lighter note, Alabama sounds nice :) Haha!

Nook & Sea

Carrie {Living It Up in U.P.} said...

Looks like a beautiful town!

I filled up at Costco yesterday and it was $3.80 in Tacoma, WA. Crazy!

Lyndsey said...

Fairhope looks super cute! Gas is ranging from 3.72-3.90 in Ann Arbor, MI. What the heck I paid like 3.26 a week ago!