Jewelry is a girl's best friend

I know that diamonds is the usually saying of being a girl's best friend but I'm lumping all jewelry together into that saying!
August 1!! Where is this year going? A giveaway is the prefect way to start this month, isn't it? If you go over to the lovely blog of Delighted Momma, she has an excellent giveaway for some jewelry!


Nicole said...

you can never have enough accessories! :)

Jenna Lee said...

i love me some delighted momma! Shes awesome and her blog is too!

The Internet Garbage said...

Agreed! I love jewelry, in fact I think that I may have a slight obsession! I will go over and check out her stuff asap! Thanks for the recommendation! x

The Internet Garbage

Meggan from Lila Grace Accessories said...

Meg, I love your blog! You have such great taste (especially loving your suitcase post!) and I can't wait to hear about your vacation!