Found in my garage - Oh Pinteresting Wednesday

Since I moved into my husband's condo after we got married, and he had been living there for 2 years prior he had a bunch of stuff collected in the garage, stuff I had no clue what was in there. I am one to really utilize the place that I am living at, you know enjoy where you live, enjoy the space that you call your home whether it is inside the home or int he backyard. For example that fire pit mentioned in a previous post has been collecting dust in the backyard since he moved in almost three years ago. I really wanted to use it so we cleaned it up and we have used it twice in one week, just sitting around with friends enjoying conversation and a fire. The other day, we had an electrician working on our panel and there was a chop block on wheels in the garage and lo and behold there was the most beautiful rug sitting on top of the chop block, 
again collecting dust.These rugs over at Ikea look very similar and I have the greenish color rug
So I promptly pulled that rug out and have started to redecorate our living room
area based on that rug, is that silly? Redecorating based on a single item?
It is entirely ok if you think so :-) Using that rug has brought me to this week's Oh Pinteresting board and the inspirations I am using on how to redecorate my place. I am linking up over at The Vintage Apple and the oh so much fun Oh Pinteresting Wednesday.

Hope you enjoy!

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

And to accompany such a great living room, you need some tremendous flowers and my current flower love is the peony. These arrangements would be perfect to sit on an end table or be centerpiece on a coffee table.

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Source: via Meg on Pinterest


Camylla Leonardi said...

I LOVE your pins! and boy, stripes are 'IN' with everything now, not only clothing but things for the home too. I love it, and I finding things I forgot I had and putting them to use again!

birdie to be said...

Great pins!!! Stripes are SO in... and I love peonies! :)

Holly said...

That's not silly at all! I think the rug looks great, and you should take pictures when it's all done so we can see your great work!!

Flowers are always gorgeous in any room. I'm loving all those peonies--I never used to like them, but we have a bush in our backyard and I'm really starting to love how beautiful they are. Whenever I get married, I want a bouquet of pink gerber daisies, pink roses, and pink peonies :)

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

I think that every room needs THE piece that inspires you! What a great "discovery!" :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

I LOVE peonies! So pretty! Also, what a fun idea for a pillow.. the rug! Too cute!

Danielle said...

I love the second photo. It looks so comfortable. I'd definitely take a nap there :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

That last room is stunning! And I wouldn't mind having these beautiful flowers all over my place :)

navy and orange said...

love everything about this post: the stripes, the peonies, oh my! love you blog & thanks for your sweet comments. I am glad to know that there is another cookie monster in the blogishpere! thanks for following!

xoxo navy & orange

Natasha in Oz said...

Wow, these pins are gorgeous! I am definitely repinning the flowers!

Thanks so much for dropping by and saying hi at my blog. I hope you will stop by again on the weekend and link up this post to my Pinning and Singing on the Weekend link up!

Best wishes,
Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

Cait said...

great pins! you should check out my Bobbie Brown make up compact I'm giving away on my blog :) xo

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

These are great picks! Beautiful also. :o) Thanks for sharing this link party!! I am so excited to join it next time.


Crown'd Vic said...

They were out of season for our wedding, so we got cabbage roses instead. They are equally beautiful but don't carry that lovely scent that peonies do!

and when did I become so knowledgeable about flowers? silly weddings...

Jackie said...

These flowers are stunning! I need some in room pronto! Isnt pinterest just so amazing! I absolutely love it! <3 -J