Guest Post -- Erin of Designer Me

Hey ladies! Today you have the lovely Erin from Designer Me. I have been following Erin's blog long before I started my own blog and always looked forward to her posts. Today you are blessed with something she is passionate about, running! Exercise is a must, sorry to me it is a non-negotiable. I haven't talked about this a ton yet but running is something I do 5 or 6 days a week. Plus the added pressure of running when your husband is a asst coach for cross country and track at a university aids in my desire to run. Anyways chit chat from me, here is Erin's post! Thank you so much Erin for putting this together and helping me out!

When Meg posted a request for guest bloggers while she is on her fabulous cruise vacation, I was thrilled to help out!  I am so happy to have stumbled upon her blog.  From recipes to fashion to running, it is always a wonderful read!

I grew up as a swimmer, dancer, and Girl Scout.  Running never even entered my vocabulary until college, when I dabbled in it by running a couple of miles every so often around campus.  It wasn't until a few years later that I really laced up my shoes and got going with it.  Truly, the story on how I got started was that I one day up and decided that I was going to run a 6 weeks.  I need motivation to run and this was perfect.  My husband went along with my plan and we started with 3 miles, increasing mileage by about a mile a week.  Pretty ambitious, but I wanted to run at least half the total distance before the race.  

The race went well, overall, but after mile 9 or 10, it got hard.  Regardless, I was addicted, already planning for my next race.  Since then, I have done another 4 half marathons with an additional one on the calendar.  I've battled an ankle injury (a posterior tibial tendon tear), finally gotten proper nutrition down, and found a hobby that I love.

Running gear is infinite and I certainly have learned my preferences along the way (socks, shorts, visor, water bottle, hydration, and so on), but one of the most important things is a good pair of shoes.  From my research and experience, I have fallen in love with Mizuno shoes.  After training for and running 2 half-marathons in who-knows-what kind of shoes, I finally caved and got real-deal running shoes.  What a difference it made!  The comfort, support, and even the propel forward motion it provided was like a whole new world.  I have moderate to severe over pronation, so I have gone through a couple different models of the Mizuno Wave Nirvana and will very soon transition to the Mizuno Waze Alchemy.

I am also a serious advocate of women running in a good, supportive sports bra.  It pains me to see someone running in the wrong level of support for them.  For the longest time, I would buy what was on sale.  When I was finally introduced to the CW-X line of sports bras, I was wary of the price, but asked for it for my birthday one year.  Best decision ever.  The Xtra Support Bra is just what the product title says - a great level of support that women need.  This thing straps you in and lets you jog and run without much movement in the area and I am thankful for it.

How many of you out there are runners or triathletes?  What products are you passionate about?


Savvy Gal said...

I pay attention to shoes but support bra might be a good idea uh....

Mandee said...

oh my. I had a posterior tibilis injury post marathon as well. It was awful, painful and expensive to recover from! But I got back out there after 8 months of physical therapy and have been for a year now. I still worry about getting injured again, especially since there was no specific moment I injured it, it was just overuse. I should look in to better sports bras, too!

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Fabulous post! I'm a former swimmer turned runner too! It's still weird for me to admit that I run "for fun" when I used to despise it! You bring up great points, good shoes and bras are a must! I've had success with Lululemons bras! Pricey but so worth it!


Julie said...

Great post!! I'm a newbie runner (started with the couch to 5k back in January and am training towards a half marathon this coming February) and I couldn't agree more about the need for some serious support! I'm blessed in that area and finding a sports bra that is tight enough around my rib cage and still support my girls without squeezing me like sausage casing has been a HUGE challenge for me. I'm going to go check out that bra you suggested right now!

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

I am sooo out of the loop with shoes... so glad I got some good info from this post!!

I saw you won the giveaway at Me & My Boys! Congrats!


2 Frogs and a Princess said...

Thanks for the post! I am a new runner and have done 3 5K's. I am looking at doing a half marathon in November but EVERYONE has told me to get a shoe fitting. I just haven't done it yet. :p This will have to be priority.

Erin said...

Thanks for all the comments & feedback, everyone!! :) I so enjoyed doing this post! Thanks so much for the opportunity, Meg!!

Savvy Gal - Definitely!! Both are important! :)

Mandee - So glad you're back out there! My injury happened much the same way in that there was no specific moment. I still struggle w/ mine, but find that k-tape helps a lot :)

Becca - Aww yayy for swimmers turned runners! I also enjoy triathlons since it has both :) I'll definitely look into Lululemons bras - thanks!

Julie - Congrats on your 5k & good luck on your upcoming half!! It's hard to find the right sports bra for sure - I hope this one will work for you!! :)

Jazmin - I'm glad I could help!! The right shoes are the ticket to running, I believe!

Princess - Congrats on your 5ks & your upcoming half! Definitely definitely definitely go get a shoe fitting soon so that you can have the right shoes all broken in for your race!! Good luck!!