*side note* before you read the following post, yesterday I started writing about a giveaway, a jewelry giveaway and while I was typing, my brain sidetracked and I diverged into writing about my favorite piece of jewelry, my engagement and wedding ring. So I stopped because I feel this could be a post in itself, so it is. 

Here you go my post about jewelry.I love jewelry, simply put. I love earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, although I prefer two or three simply pieces. Costume jewelry I feel is too big for my small frame, and I love jewelry to add that extra sparkle or to pull an outfit together. My most favorite piece of jewelry, of course is my engagement and wedding ring. My Sean did an excellent job selecting my engagement ring and of course the reason I love it so much is the meaning behind it. Prior to us getting engaged, he asked what I was looking for, we didn't go select my ring together or pick it out. I gave him five words, white gold, cushion cut, pave setting, ok I guess that is technically six but who is counting. He selected the most beautiful ring, it looks just perfect on my hand. Very attractive, it is the perfect size for my more petite figure, it doesn't consume my hand or finger and it just looks like it was meant to be there all along for THE guy to place a ring on it. Anyways, he kept to my request of white gold, cushion cut diamond and instead of one row of pave setting, he did two, double! It is just the most perfect ring.

Now it is your turn to tell me about your favorite piece of jewelry, is it your wedding ring, a piece handed down from your mother or grandmother? Just for some sparkle on this post, here are some wonderful engagement rings.

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